Alexander Rybak at ESC 2011. Day 7. Final, 14.05.2011


And finally the 7th Day of our fiddler at the ESC 2011! That was the last day and a day of Grand Final show. Alex had a lot of work both before and after the show, made interviews and provided the on-line chatting for NRK viewrs as always during the live broadcast:) Let’s see how it was:

1. Interview with Graham Norton (Great Britain) about the favorites at the Final.

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva.

2. Backstage with Alexander Rybak. Interviewed representatives of  Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy (even played duet together), Moldova and Sweden.

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva, English translation by Tessa La. Subs by Julia Bezbakh.

3. Alexander Rybak about Paradise Oscar (Finnish participant)

English translation by Sara Anja. Russian translation and subs by Sonya Luzina.

4. Alexander about duet Ell&Nikki from Azerbaijan before the Final.

Found by Irina Kuvaldina. Uploaded by Sonya Luzina. English subs by Julia Bezbakh.

5. Link to the full list of chat with Alexander Rybak from

Made by Yannis P.

6. Interview with Alexander after the Final to SVT

Found by Julia Bezbakh. Capture by Yannis P. English translation by Mary-Ann Hansson. Russian translation and subs by Sonya Luzina.

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