Alexander Rybak at ESC 2011. Day 2, 09.05.2011

On his 2nd Day at ESC Alexander have been worked in the press center, got used to the role of reporter:) Made several cute interviews! And of course he visited some parties at the night (German and Israel ones). Let’s see how it was:

1. Interview of Alexander Rybak from the press center in Dusseldorf

Found by Josie Munck. Uploaded by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Tessa La. Subs by Julia Bezbakh. Russian translation by Sophia Khodorovskaya and Julia Bezbakh

2. Link to the source of video and pictures from press center:

3. Alexander asked Eurovision artists what they think about Norway’s song “Haba Haba”

Video found by Julia Bezbakh, translation by Tessa La

Translation of the interview with the representative of Finland Paradise Oscar (from 0.55):
PO: Her song is very nice. After you have …heard it, it spinns around in your head. Haba haba, hujazza kibaba. Its a dangerous song. It’s sticks to your brain. Its nice and she is very nice too and happy.
AR: And you can play the chords on you guitare?
PO: Yes i can!

4. Alexander asked Eurovision artists about their favorites of the first semi-final.

Video found by Sonya Luzina, translation by Tessa La

Translation of the short interview with Finnish representative Paradise Oscar (from the beginning):

A: And which song is your favorite in the semi final?
PO: The first one? It’s in fact Norway. It sticks to your brain. Its very happy. You get happy. It varies a bit of course, sometimes you want the smoother one, but I like the norwegian very much.

5. Link to the pictures gallery from German party.

Source found by Patrycja Pajor




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