Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull in “Soot-Spelet” 2019

It’s the 5th anniversary of “Soot-Spelet” this summer, and Alexander Rybak is still playing the role of Ole Bull.

Photo in the collage by Glenn Thomas Nilsen/Indre24

Luckily this year we also have some Rybak fans who attended the play and have provided us with some lovely videos. A big thank you to Jorunn Ekre and May Elisabeth Nipen. Playlists are posted below.

About Alexander in this year’s Soot paper. Found by May Elisabeth.

Translation of the text in the Soot paper:

Name: Alexander Rybak
Age: 33
From: Belarus and Nesodden.
Short stage-CV:
Alexander was known to the public in 2006 when he won “Kjempesjansen” on NRK. In 2007 he played the fiddler in “Fiddler on the Roof” at “Oslo Nye Teater” and was awarded with the Hedda award “Newcomer of the Year”. He became famous internationally when he beat all Eurovision records with “Fairytale”, and gave Norway its 3rd Eurovision victory! Has since then released several albums. In 2015 he published his book “Trolle”, and this autumn there will be a great theatre play at Kilden Culture House in Kristiansand.

Alexander’s best SOOT-memory:

I live for the great moments. Rollercoasters, the great symphonies, a date with a beautiful woman, or the very best: Soot-Spelet where all the participants give so much of themselves that together it becomes a magical result year after year. Nothing in life can compare with effort.

Alexander’s performances in the play

Alexander plays violin in many of the songs in the play. Some he performs visibly on stage, and some are performed behind the big red/pink wall where the orchestra sits. Here are some videos showing his performances being on stage 🙂

Recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen
Recorded by Jorunn Ekre

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