Alexander Rybak as Eduard Khil – “One to One” Show, Episode 3

Alexander about his performance: 

Watch this hilarious tribute to Eduard Khil. When I was a young boy, in 2012, I was supposed to perform on stage in London with the legendary Eduard “Trololo” Khil. Unfortunately he didn’t make it and I never got to see him, but his songs remain in our hearts.

Since I’m participating in the Russian show ‪#‎OneToOne‬, I’m happy that I could put on his mask for a while, and sing his world known song. I hope you’ll like my tribute to Eduard Khil. 🙂

Have a nice weekend.



Another participant of the show, Ruslan Alehno, transformed into Alexander

 Video of the full episode with Alexander’s parts only

Recording & subs by Sonya L. Translation by Rozalia M.
Revision by Anni J. and Bita J.

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