Alexander Rybak as Dima Bilan – “One to One” Show, Episode 2

The 2009 Eurovision winner performed the song with which Dima Bilan triumphed in 2008.

Article was published on Photos: Weit media.
Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Marina Rolbin.

Another season of the popular show “One to One” began on TV channel “Russia-1”. The Norwegian 2009 Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak, joined the group of Russian celebrities who will get into someone else’s skin and show mastery of transformation. The performer of “Fairytale”, the biggest European hit of 2009, sang the song “Believe”, with which Dima Bilan won Eurovision six years ago.

The Russian audience remembers the 28-year-old Rybak not only because he gained worldwide fame by performing on the Russian stage of the Olympic Stadium in 2009, but also because he has excellent knowledge of the Russian language, since he was born in Minsk. After his Eurovision victory, the Russian media liked to call Rybak the boy of Belarusian origin with a Norwegian passport and Russian soul.

In the show “One on One”, Rybak already impersonated Elvis Presley with the song “Don’t be Cruel” . The organizers of the show admit that they often have to calm down the Belarusian-Norwegian musician’s screaming fans backstage.
 Video of the full episode with Alexander’s parts only
Recording by Sonya L. Translation by Rozalia M. Revision by Anni J.
 Alexander get’s a Dima Bilan Makeover

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