Alexander Rybak – Article and videos from the launch of HGVM

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Authors: Camilla Norli and Marcus Husby. Photo: Trond Solberg

Found and translated by Hilde M. English revision by Anni Jowett.

HGVM artists talk behind each other’s back – Rybak was the most flirtatious!

* Sigvart Dagsland was advised by Anita Skorgan to bring an extra-large wardrobe
* Rybak made Anneli Drecker blush
* The artists were song-muzzled

Alexander Rybak took the prize when it came to flirting, Sigvart Dagsland was the funniest and the most vain, Lars Lillo-Stenberg impressed in the kitchen, while Simone Eriksrud was the crying queen in this year’s “Every time we meet.”

This year’s “Every time we meet” artists puts music first – and they say that quality goods were delivered when Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya, Anneli Drecker, Sigvart Dagsland, Simone Eriksrud, Alexander Rybak and Øivind “Elg” Elgenes met around the table.

Since the artists have been muzzled as to which songs they will sing throughout the series, VG asked them instead to gossip a little about who cried the most, who made breakfast, who giggled most – and who had brought most clothing. And they don’t always agree on the answer:

About who cried the most:

– It was not one of the guys who cried the most, even though it had been the funniest. It was probably Samsaya or Simone says Lars Lillo-Stenberg who was very touched himself on his day.
– I do not think I cried, but I was probably watered in the eyes sometimes. Everything was very moving, but there was one thing that was musically very strong. And Elg stood for that.
About who cried the most:
– I hope it’s not me! But Lars Lillo did something very nice with my song.
It was the choice of song and how he did it – that was pretty intense,- says Samsaya – who also revealed to VG that she got married last summer

A hill of emotions

Sigvart Dagsland does not have a moment of doubt about who cried the most:

– Simone. She’s a hill of emotions. Very nice and very considerate. It was not so many of the boys who cried, except Alexander maybe, says Dagsland.
Some tried to pull themselves together not to cry:
– I cried a lot on behalf of others, but I tried not to cry on my day. I would not be so stupid that I started to cry, but at the end of the day – the last song – I could not take it any more.
– Who made you cry?
– It was Øyvind, then Elg.

Interview of Alexander Rybak and Sigvart Dagsland on Dagbladet TV:


Macho, macho 

Alexander Rybak is being accused of crying a little during the program, but he says himself that if it was so, he has suppressed it:
– But I’m a macho, macho, macho man from Belarus. So if I cried, I’ve supressed it. Mom cried the most during the recordings; I noticed that from the text messages I received from her along the way. She missed her son, since for once I was back home in Norway, but then I went to this farm. I am very seldom at home for as long as I was there, says Rybak who admits he was extra touched by Sigvart Dagsland:
– He broke my shell. Among other things, when he performed one of my songs, he says. .

Anneli blushed 
When asked about who was the most flirtatious in the gang, most quite agree:
– Do you know who I’m thinking of now,- ask Samsaya – and makes big eyes before she continues:
– Hehe, everyone here has a little flirtatious nature, but Alexander wins the medal there. It is nice. He does it through the camera too,- says Samsaya and Anneli Drecker adds:
– Alexander’s a very nice gentleman. He gave such fine compliments, and I was very embarrassed and blushed. I handled it a little clumsily,- says Anneli.

Rybak says: 
– There was probably no one who was so flirtatious.
– The other think it was you who was the most flirtatious?
– No, stop it. No, but I think I only have such eyebrows.
– Flirty eyebrows?
– Yes. There was a lot of musical flirting,- says Alexander. .

Alexander performing Elg’s “Lucky One” at the 1st week of HGVM:

Many “posh goats”

Sigvart Dagsland comes with a concession when the question of who was the most pretentious came up.
– Eh .. can it be me ? Not Lars Lillo in any case. I am probably in danger of getting that title. I am a little vain and I can blame my mother for that. She was very interested in clothes,- says Sigvart Dagsland .
– So you had a carefully thought-out wardrobe ?
– Yes , Anita tipped me that I had to have the costumes ready so it was not stressful . She spoke from experience, it was something that she had brought too little of – so you after the fourth day she had to turn it over,- laughs Dagsland .
But there were many “posh goats” among the artists :
– Simone ! She is a young soul , and she is quite fresh , says Samsaya .
While Anneli comes with a confession :
– At the end I got a bit confused, and I was so bad that I used the same top twice.
Sorry ! But otherwise I think Simone and I had the most suitcases.
We have some years and must compensate with dressing up a little extra.
I had at least 20 chances, and there were the shoes and  jewelry – ah, I was so tired,- says Anneli Drecker indicating that both she bought a lot of new and borrowed some clothes before the filming of the series.

Help with hair and makeup

Øivind Elgenes, who had two long Indian braids in the program, was happy that they got help with both makeup and hair.

– It was not me who braided myself, no. We were very pleased that we had help with both hair and makeup. We look very good! – says Elgenes.

Alexander Rybak was just called a “bag man.” He always carried around a plastic bag.
– In it there was Lypsyl, eye drops and nasal spray. There was always someone who was responsible for that bag every day, because it did not look so nice with a bag like that on the footage.

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