Alexander Rybak answers fans questions from his home! New video

A few months ago Alexander invited his fans to ask him questions. And now the result can be seen at his official YouTube channel AlexanderRybakVideo. A really funny and well made video from his home:)

Alexander Rybak Q&A video

Maryam from Iran asked: “Do you read our comments to your postings on Facebook?”
AR: Yeah, of course I do. You know, I am watching you, so behave on what you do on the Internet and everything.

Marina from Serbia, asked:»I would like to know, which of your songs is your favorite?”
AR: Ah, you know, there are so many of them, but “Still Here”, written for Franklin Calleja in Malta.He has an amazing voice. I really hope, that as many as possible get to hear him.

We also got to know he prefers chicken soup, does not sleep with his socks on, his shoe size is 44 and much more…So enjoy and subscribe to his channel.


Alexander Rybak "The city boy"
Alexander Rybak “The city boy”
Alexander Rybak´s hidden talents
Alexander Rybak´s hidden talents
Alexander enjoying his hidden talents
Alexander enjoying his hidden talents

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