Alexander and Stille Natt Hellige Natt in Eidsberg church 03.12.2016

Tremendous Christmas concert with a full house at Eidsberg church

With five major musical stars gathered under one roof, there will be nothing but a fantastic show.

Text to photo: Showtime: Alexander Rybak really impressed with his violin play several times during the concert. (Photo: Liv Gunnersen)

Source:  Published 03.12.16. Text and photo: Liv Gunnersen. Found and translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

EIDSBERG: Alexander Rybak, Maria Haukaas Mittet, Mariann Aas Hansen, Hans Petter Moen and Rune Larsen are this year’s musicians and in Eidsberg church this Saturday they met a full house. They both sang and spoke about Christmas and its meaning and message.

Rune Larsen accounted for most of the talking, and talked about how Christmas is associated with joy.

– We mostly associate Christmas with joy, at least while we are children, Christmas is a joyful feast. But there are also some who dread Christmas, perhaps because you have lost someone youhave great Christmas memories with. This year I will celebrate my first Christmas without my mother. And there are not many Christmas songs on this subject. Marian will now perform a brand new song, which deals with just that, Rune said. And Marian performed “År for år” (Year by year).

The concert was varied in terms of music and performing with both Norwegian and English songs, and the hit “Feliz Navidad”, but they also varied singing solo, in groups or with all five, and also did sing along.

– In fact, I think  we have never had such a good sing along audience before, said Rybak.

Beautiful song: Five musicians in unison sing the Christmas in. (Photo: Liv Gunnersen)



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