Cancelled – Alexander Rybak and Stephen Ackles with summer show – premiere 18. June 2021

Alexander Rybak and Stephen Ackles invite you to a bubbly and wild show concert at Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg, Norway this summer!

Source for information:, Hotel Klubben, and Stephen Ackles.

Premiere: 18. June 2021 at 19.00

Place: Hotel Klubben, Tønsberg, Norway
Number of concerts: 6
Show dates: 18. and 19. June – 25. and 26. June
The show last for about 80 minutes without any break

Together with director Tom Sterri and musical director Øysten Lund Olafsen, they have dug deep into their musical pockets and can promise an evening filled with nostalgia, a high sing along factor and a rock foot guarantee. There will be goodies for both ear, soul and laughter muscles!

Alexander and Stephen have known each other for 18 years and have thus inspired each other to develop their talents. Among other things, it was Stephen who inspired Alexander to expand his repertoire from a pure classical musician to also play with the more artistic, and he was a strong driver due to Alexander’s “Fairytale” which won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009.

In “Alex & Ackles”, the audience will be taken on a musical journey through the careers of our two artists. There, the focus will be on new aspects of the artists both from the stage and privately. There will be bloated film music, Melodi Grand Prix, Elvis, Jahn Teigen and Erik Bye. In other words, varied and entertaining.


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