Alexander Rybak and Pernille Hogstad in the Norwegian morning show “God Morgen Norge” 5.11.2015

Alexander and Pernille Hogstad were guests in the Norwegian morning show “God morgen Norge” (Good Morning Norway), where they talked about “Trollebook” and performed 2 songs from the book –  “Du Bare Du” (You Only You) and “Venner” (Friends).

You can order the book HERE and buy and download the music HERE

Unfortunately we can’t provide you a videos of the song “Du Bare Du” and the interview, but below the “Venner” video you’ll find the the text and pictures from the interview 🙂

Alexander Rybak Pernille Hogstad GMN November 2015 Trolle 2   Alexander Rybak Pernille Hogstad GMN November 2015 Trolle  Alexander Rybak Pernille Hogstad GMN November 2015 Trolle 1

Pernille performing “Du Bare Du” and Alexander is playing the violin.

Alexander Rybak Pernille Hogstad GMN November 2015 Trolle 12

Alexander and Pernille performing “Venner” (Friends)

Interview with Alexander and Pernille

Translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak Pernille Hogstad GMN TrolleHost: Alexander Rybak has recently made his debut with this book, “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle”. And now the music for Trolle’s adventurous universe is ready. Welcome Alexander Rybak and welcome Pernille Hogstad. You’re singing together with Alexander on this album.

How did you begin working on the story about Trolle Alexander?


A: This is an everlasting project, the apple of my eye so to speak. About three years ago I started working on the various characters in the fairytale and you (pointing at Pernille) were involved almost from the beginning.
Host: What role does Pernille have in the book?

A: Pernille has one of the main roles, Alva and it was actually … we just needed someone who could sing on the demo tapes for the… and Pernille lives nearby my producer Knut Bjørnar , who I work with in Gjerdrum. And when we heard those demo tapes we told each other it won’t get any better than this. She became Alva.



Host: What was that like for you Pernille?
P: It was very funny, it’s very thrilling. I am very grateful that I could be involved in this. This is big, really.  He is very talented.
A: Thanks



Host: How do you collaborate?
A: Good.
P: {laughs}



A: We collaborate very well. I think it’s very nice to have this role, to start thinking about the next generation. It’s what I told myself ever since I won Eurovision. I don’t want to participate in the contest about being the best and most hip all the time. I prefer to emphasise new talents. So I feel that I hit the bull’s eye with you (Pernille).
P: {laughs}
A:   Now you must continue to sing.  A lot.


Host: I’m convinced that you will. We will hear the two of you very soon. But tell us a bit more about the book and how you (the host used plural in Norwegian) have worked on the music to this book.


A: I’m the one who has worked on the music.
P:{ laughs}
Host: We know.



A: We work at Gjerdrum, at this beautiful studio. I have got the best to do the voice over. It’s Dennis who is the narrator, Stig Werner Moe, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, really great actors and Pernille who is the star of the bunch. And in between the story I have added a lot of, you can call it “movie music”, except that it’s not… it’s an audio book, it’s audio book music. Because I knew that would be something new in the world of books. And I hope that people are satisfied.

Host: We’ll get to hear a song called “Venner” (Friends)
A: Yes
Host: What’s it about?
A: The moral of the book is that even the strongest magic, which is in the evil fiddle, even the strongest magic won’t conquer real friendship. That’s what you’ll hear about.



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