Alexander and Orquesta del Centenario at Cosmoplite in Oslo, Norway 09.09.16

Orquesta del Centario, the Argentinian band Alexander performed with in Buenos Aires in May 2016, is on a European tour and right now they have several concerts in Norway.  Alexander asked if he could perform with them again, and so he did Friday 9th of September in their concert at Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo, Norway. His good friend Karl Espegaard is a member of the band, and he and Alexander played a duet , and Alexander also joined the band in a tango. 

The concert was fantastic, and if you have a chance to attend one of their concerts, don’t hesitate.  You’ll find info about them and their concerts on their website and on their FB page :

Videos and pictures provided by Ulli C

Alexander and Karl in duet, playing “Entr’acte from Raymonda” by Jean Pouye.

Another video from the concert: Orquesta del Centenario and Torbjørn Sandvik with “Samba Em Preludio”.

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