Alexander Rybak and Ingeborg Walther in “Allsang på grensen” 2019 and interview in “Se and Hør”

In the Norwegian TV-show “Allsang på grensen Alexander Rybak performed his legendary “Fairytale”, and “Stjernen vår”, from his upcoming musical “Trolle”, in a duet with Ingeborg Walther. Ingeborg will play the role of “Alva” in the musical.

Featured picture: photo by Allsang på grensen/Viken Foto og Video

Alexander and Ingeborg also gave an interview to the Norwegian magazine “Se and Hør”. Scroll down to read it 🙂

A small taste of the musical

Source text: excerpts from an article in Fredrikstad Blad 4.7.19

Alexander Rybak performed his song “Stjernen Vår” from the album “Trolle og den magiske fela” together with Ingeborg Walther from Sarpsborg.
“Trolle og den magiske fela” is the children’s book Alexander Rybak published in 2015. Now he is working to bring this play into the musical world. The musical is set to have premiere in Kilden Theater and Concert Hall in Kristiansand, in November later this year.

Interview in “Se and Hør” at Allsang på grensen

A new woman has appeared in the popular artist’s life. But only on stage…

Source: Paper issue of “Se and Hør”, Tuesday 9.7.19. Text: Stig H. Justad. Photo: Andreas Fadum. Faksimile
Translated and revised by Team Fansite

There is no shortage of smiles and joy of life in Alexander Rybak (33) when there is a performance in progress.

Last week “Se and Hør” met the popular artist and fiddler for an exclusive interview before he would perform in TV2’s “Allsang på grensen”. With the fiddle in his hand and a stage waiting, he was in his element.

-I have performed many times at “Allsang”, and I have never experienced a lack of audience or enthusiasm. It’s very rewarding to be here, says Alexander Rybak enthusiastically.

Recently “Se and Hør” revealed that Rybak’s relationship with Julie Gaarud Holm was over, after 3 years. Rybak has not wanted to comment about this, now everything is focused on music and new plans.

The artist brought with him a new musical acquaintance to Halden: Ingeborg Walther (20), known from TV2’s “The Voice” in 2017. This autumn she will play in Rybak’s musical “Trolle” at Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall in Kristiansand, a play based on his own book and compositions.

Touched the audience: I feel our voices sound good together, and that we understand each others dynamics on stage, says Ingeborg. She and Alexander touched the Allsang-audience with the beautiful duet from “Trolle.

Rybak is pleased to have Ingeborg in the play.

-Many applied to audition, almost 300. But even if it had been 3000, Ingeborg would still have got the role. All of us who are involved in “Trolle” are ecstatic to have her on the team. Ingeborg is very natural and genuine person. She has a deep calmness and that gives self confidence, Rybak states.

At “Allsang” the duo performed a beautiful duet from the musical, and the record-breaking audience in the “Fortress-city” had a great time.

Ingeborg reveals to “Se and Hør” that there is one thing especially she is impressed about with the multiartist Alexander.

-He has a playfulness in his eyes, and he is “really switched on” when he is on stage. He gives so much positive energy, she says.

-It’s important to captivate the audience. And to tell stories, and that’s what I’m passionate about, Rybak replies.

It went well: After the performance in Halden, both Ingeborg and Alexander were pleased with the great performance.

While Ingeborg has just started her career, Alexander celebrated his ten years anniversary of his Eurovision victory with “Fairytale”.

-The victory was my ticket to the career I have had since. I feel I have handled the musical possibilities in a good way, and got to do a lot of different things, says the fiddler.

But he has not said yes to all the offers he has had.

Said no to 8 millions (NOK).
-I have been very good at saying no to events, even big ones. There has been political stuff, which I surely would get well paid for. In Ukraine I would get 8 million (NOK) to take part in “The Bachelor”. Not sure how good that would have been for my career in the long term, Rybak admits and laughs.

Did you consider that offer for long?
-Yeah, a bit!

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