Alexander Rybak and Frikar reunion in Ål 31.05.2014

Author: Torunn Akersveen Lied
Photo: Sigmund Krøvel-Velle
Published: 31.5.14

Translated by TessaLa. Revised by Anni Jowett

Rybak and Frikar topped the show at Ål on Saturday

Alexander Rybak and Frikar were on stage together again for the first time in four years. It really took off.

ålREUNION: Alexander Rybak and Frikar were together on stage for the first time in four years during the “Folkemusikkveka” on Saturday. From left: Torkjell Lunde Børsheim, Sigbjørn  Rua and Hallgrim Hansegård (in the air).

Sun, an ocean of audience and a stage with three dancers and one musician. Five years have passed since Alexander Rybak and Frikar took Europe by storm in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Now they are finally on stage together again. The occasion is the Folkemusikkveka (The Folk Music Week). The song is “Fairytale”. The atmosphere is pulsating.

ål1Alexander Rybak and the Frikars Hallgrim Hansegård (right), Sigbjørn Rua (rear) and Torkjell Lunde Børsheim, brought life to the  pedestrian street Sundre in the “Folkemusikkveka”

Kappleik ( Folk Festival) debut
– It feels very obvious that the reunion should happen in such an environment, says Alexander Rybak.
He stays “backstage” in a flower shop in the pedestrian street. Last tone is played. The cheers from the audience have settled. The most eager fans have queued to get to say hello .
– When we toured together, the Frikar-fellows told much about the Kappleik life. This is my first Kappleik and it’s great fun to be here, says Rybak.
He signs the arm of Emma Marie Storevik Hjelmsø. The 7-year-old smiled wide and also took picture together with the musician.
– I am very grateful for that the “Fairytale” effect continues. Every time people play a folk instrument or dance folk dance, it helps to increase the interest, says Rybak.

ål2FAN: Emma Marie Storevik Hjelmsø (7) from Ål got an autograph of Alexander Rybak after he has sung “Fairytale” for a large  crowd of audience from Ål.

– Surprisingly fun
– Yes, this was almost a little surprisingly fun, says a happy Sigbjørn Rua from Frikar after the “Fairytale” performance.
The dancer is warm and tired. Not only he has stood on stage with Rybak, he has also competed in loose dance competition. Sure enough, there was no victory. Ådne G. Kolbjørnhus from Valdres won that one, this year as last year. In the junior class Jon Bugge Mariussen from Nesodden pulled the longest straw. Rua still gives thumbs up for the event and the day so far.
– I almost got a little flashback to how it was when we were touring with Rybak. That we were on stage together now, is a one-time thing, but it was great fun, he says.

ål3The victor Ådne RG. Kolbjørnshus from Valdres won the “loose dance” competition in the “Folkemusikkveka” on Saturday, this year as last year.

Anniversary Show
General manager of the “Folkemusikkveka”, Ulf-Arne Johannessen, thinks it is a great honour that Rybak and the dancers have found each other again for one last time just for the “Folkemusikkveka”. He himself has pulled some strings to make it happen.

– It was very pleasing that they would do it, and extra cool that it was on the five-year anniversary of “Fairytale”, he says.

ål4Street life: It was crowded with spectators in the pedestrian street in Sundre on Saturday. On stage the “loose dancers” were warming up for the contest.

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