Alexander Rybak and Byneset Spellmannslag in concert 24.04.2016

Alexander Rybak impressed everyone at Bynesaulaen

Source: Gaula Avis, published 27.04.2016 Text: Vigdis A. Myrdal
Photo: Unni Ulltveit

There was no one, at any time, who had the slightest doubt that Rybak knew how to play the violin when the Eurovision star was on stage and downright showed off his skills with the bow and his fiddle. In addition Byneset Spellmannslag was impressively good.

It was a sold out venue that got a great musical experience they will never forget and for who, regardless of age and gender, the enthusiasm was big because of what they heard and saw on the stage at Bynesaulaen. Alexander Rybak is a professional musician and artist, everyone knew that, but something many didn’t know was that Byneset Spellmannslag was pretty professional too. At least many were very impressed by how clever and versatile they were, and they had members who were as young as 8 years old.

Closeness and warmth

Of course Rybak impressed with genuine violin play, he is definitely an artist with the bow, but he is also a good entertainer and, not at least, a fellow human being. He made jokes and smiled and winked from the stage, and made a good connection with the audience, in fact with such a strong closeness that every single person felt taken care of and given attention. Alexander is free of self-righteousness and prima donna whims, and radiates warmth and genuine interest in the people he is entertaining, which is totally unusual for stars like him. This was also true for the others who were on stage, both children, young people and grown ups in Byneset Spellmannslag were treated as equal artists by the popular world star.

Tremendous ending

Not unexpectedly it was Alexander Rybak’s very famous and highest scored Eurovision song  “Fairytale” that was the final number of the concert. And with Byneset Spellmannslag and Rybak’s regular pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos as background music, Alexander performed yet again “Fairytale”, of course to a standing ovation. A very special and fantastic concert at Bynesaulaen was over, and even if there will be many great concerts at the same venue, it won’t be often that a world star like Rybak comes to Byneset. So everyone who chose to come this Sunday, really recieved a memory for life.

Alexander Rybak Byneset Spellmannslag April 2016 2
Alexander Rybak and Byneset Spellmannslag, a very good musical collaboration.


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