Alexander Rybak about Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day, the day about love and romance. 

Alexander has posted about Valentine’s Day several times, and also given interviews about it.  Below you’ll find two earlier interviews, and also his Valentine’s Day posts on Facebook back to 2012.  And of course the music video “Strela Amura” “Cupid’s Arrow”. Have a great day 🙂

 Alexander about his first love and Valentine’s Day


Alexander speaks about love on the eve of Valentine’s Day

Alexander about Valentine’s Day in 2009:

The Grand Prix finalist, Alexander Rybak, thinks we should have had more love days.
-Actually it is sad that we have a society where everyone works so much that we have to make a special day for love.
How will you celebrate the day?
I am working on getting a great day. I will be in the audience following  the “Last chance” for Melodi Grand Prix tonight. Maybe we in the audience could have a big Valentine’s date 🙂 

Source: Dagbladet 14.2.2009. The “Last chance” in MGP was held in Ålesund, Norway, the same area where Alexander got the ide about “Fairytale”. 

“Strela Amura”, click on the picture t watch the video. Lyrics HERE






“My last day in Gjerdrum, with producer Knut Bjørnar Asphol, and Superbarna members Benjamin and Tobias. You can see by the stupid look on my face, and by the funny way my arm is hanging, that I have a big 2-week-journey ahead of me: Sweden, Greece, USA, Canada, USA again, and finally Moscow, here I come!
Now go and make lots of love on this romantic night, my funny valentines.”

2012 in Bealrus

“My valentines date for tonight, my cute little grandmother!
I wish you all an enchanting evening, ladies and gentlemen, and be gentle with The Love. Also, I hope my countrymen liked the new Belarussian song, and I hope to see many of you in my (yet) secret hotel tomorrow 12.00.   ” Your happy consultant. Alex


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