Alexander Rybak about the girls – Everyone has a chance

Short Alexander’s interview about the girls who could conquer his heart in the Ukrainian magazine “Otdokhni” (“Get Some Rest”).

Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Anni J.

I like all kinds of girls: tall ones, short ones, girls from Ukraine, China and the Netherlands, Norway and Belarus… Everyone has a chance, but I feel that the Slavic roots are much closer to me. I like girls in dresses and without bright makeup. I like natural beauty and femininity. I like different kinds of girls. The most important thing is sincerity! I believe that any relationship should not begin when people fall in love, but when they become friends. That way it’s much easier to continue and keep in touch. Ukrainian girls are smart and they have a good education. It’s easy to communicate and make friends with them. After meeting one of them, I would like to invite her to the cinema, to chat with her… As a result of friendship, you may get a wife. My first love was a violinist, and the last one was a doctor.

If a girl is working, she often does not cook and devotes little time to the household. But I don’t think that I would be interested in a loafer. Ukrainian girls manage everything and everywhere. And it’s great! They are successful in their careers, but at the same time, they can treat their men with something tasty, and, you know, it’s also a good way to a man’s heart!

This article is also available in Azerbaijani

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