Alexander Rybak about Romanian X-Factor., 12.12.2011

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EXCLUSIVE! Alexander Rybak: “I like X Factor Romania has more singers than entertainers”

published Monday, December 12, 2011 00:00
Photo: Andrei Moise – Google translation.

” I really like Romania, I feel so privileged here. In fact, my biggest privilege as an artist is that in Europe I manage to travel, I manage to focus on certain countries, depending on my choice. instead of being an international artist, I only like to visit Russia, Ukraine and the northern part for one year, and then to go to other countries. So far, in Romania I have only been able to see Bucharest but I can say that it is a very beautiful and authentic city with all these old buildings, I like the churches and the House of the People, it is very great , “said Alexander contemplative.

The Romanians have not been forgotten by the Norwegian singer, who said he felt at home among the fans here: ” In Romania, the audience is so warm! It is very nice to me “.

As far as X Factor Romania is concerned, it seems that the show is above Alexander’s preference for the other competitions with the same name in other countries. ” What I like about X Factor Romania is that you have more singers than entertainers , for example, Alin Vaduva is a singer, but also a real entertainer, and the group rapper, Gabriel from T & L, I really like it. , there are many singers, people who give their best on stage. Many X Factor shows – Ukraine, Norway, UK, USA – put more emphasis on the show than on the voice , “added Alexander Rybak show hosted by Antena 1.

Asked whether he has any favorite among the finalists, the artist did not hesitate to admit that indeed, in his two X Factor participations, the attention was drawn to by some competitors. ” Alin Widow is my favorite, ” Alexander answered honestly. ” But I think the T & L also deserves to go further because they are good entertainers.”Gabriel is very good at freestyling and rapping, he did freestyle on my play, “Fairytale” and I was very impressed. I know better than T & L than others, because I spent time with Paula Seling two months ago , “continued the Eurovision winner.

And because he has arrived in Romania twice, he has been involved in the X Factor show, has met some of the contestants and became friends with Paula Seling, Alexander Rybak decided to try and collaborate with the Romanian artist: Now I’m trying to play a song with Paula that suits both of us, both of us, and of me, we have two attempts to see who’s going to come out first. “

The artist has good news for his Romanian fans: he also wants to play on mioritic landscapes! Later, next year. ” When my song and Paula Seling will be ready, then I will be ready for a concert. It will be a duet, and Paula is best suited for this.” In the last year I had over 300 concerts, so I’m a little I feel that to be a musician, you have to know how to cooperate, to collaborate.It is a lot more pleasant.And when I concert with Paula, I will sing, besides the song we work on, and six or seven tracks included in the albums my “.

Although he is impressed by what is happening on stage X Factor Romania, the performer of the song “Fairytale” says he would not even try to participate in X Factor Norway. ” I would not do that, because you need to know where you are and where to give someone else the opportunity to get famous. X Factor is a very good way to get to know and I had my time, ” Alexander answered .

Even though the holidays are near, the beloved singer will not be able to enjoy them with the family because of the scheduled concerts. But he does not complain, but on the contrary. He is delighted that he succeeds in bringing a drop of happiness to the spectators’ souls. ” I will have only two days off, but it will be nice, anyway, I have many concerts, I had a concert on Friday and I will have a concert in Oslo on Monday.”

And for the girls in Romania who are interested in Alexander Rybak, well … you have little to expect. Because, apparently, the singer does not think of anyone now and does not intend to do so too soon. ” I’m interested in myself at the moment, but that does not mean I’m not open to new skills. ” 

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