Alexander Rybak about love, bullying and friendship in Her og Nå 18.08.2015

Alexander Rybak knows how to get his priorities right:


Author: Gry Hartvigsen Photo: Lasse Eriksson and Morten Bendiksen. Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett.

1. Quote: “I would like to eventually work more behind than in the spotlight” 2. PRIORITISES FRIENDS: Alexander Rybak greatly values friendship. Her & Nå meets him in Stavern where he is attending Stig Werner Moe`s summer show. An appointment with friends is sacred he says. 3. – VERY BUSY: This summer Alexander Rybak is travelling between Oslo and Ørje, where he plays Ole Bull in the Soot-Play together with Dennis Storhøi and Samule Fröhler from “Skjærgårdsdoktoren”.

Alexander Rybak is working so hard that he has put his love life on hold. But his friends and family are always on top of his list of priorities.

 – My family and closest friends mean everything to me in life. Everything else is just air. Or a bonus. I always give priority to do things with my friends, but I have also experienced that friendships end. If I realise that we don’t understand each other I’ll let them go. While other friendships only grow deeper throughout the years, tells Alexander Rybak (29) pensively.
The fiddler has worked extremely hard after his major success with “Fairytale” in Eurovision 2009, and the years after have gone by like a whirlwind with lots of work and performances. Then it’s difficult to find space for love.

– I have realised that I should focus on music nowadays. I don’t have time for a girlfriends now, says the charming artist to Her & Nå.

LAUNCHING A CHILDREN’S BOOK.   HUMOUR: Here’s the drawing of the Hulder king that Stig Werner Moe gives his voice to in the story about Trolle. Alexander Rybak hopes he will reach both adults and children with the story.


His latest project is a children’s book, an audio book and an album about Trolle. None other than the star from “Kampen om tungtvannet” Dennis Storhøi (55) is the narrator, while the actor from “Børning” Anders Baasmo Christiansen (39) and Stig Werner Moe (46) from “Reisen til julestjernen” also contribute.

You can say that Trolle has some features that I recognise in myself, but these are exaggerated big-time. Trolle finds a magic violin that gives him the power over those he plays for. In spite of that everyone runs away from him and he lives alone deep into the forest, tells Rybak.

In the story Trolle tries to avoid bewitching people with his violin.

– He knows that he has the power but tries not to use it. It`s a bit like that with me and women, even though I of course don’t have any power over them, he grins.

Together at a show: Actor Stig Werner Moe (right) has the voice of the Hulder King in the story about Trolle. Moe has parodied Rybak earlier. This summer he had the show “Stig og Styves sommershow” in Stavern.

The musician remembers the feeling of being an outsider when he struggled to understand and adjust to the Norwegian culture when he came to Norway as a child. And even if he wasn’t exactly bullied, he wasn’t among the most popular at school.

I was probably teased a bit, but I was always the one who defended others if they were bullied. So I guess I have always identified myself with the victims of bullying. In addition I have a penchant for the sad stuff, and that’s why Trolle is lonely and has a hard time trusting people, he continues.

IMPORTANT SUPPORT: I appreciate the mixture of love and discipline mom and dad have given me, Alexander has told Her & Nå earlier. Here’s the family happy about the victory in Melodi Grand Prix in 2009.

Rybak is very proud of everything he has achieved so far in life, but he is also proud of everything he has said no to. And on top of everything the children’s book and album about Trolle rules. Only time will tell if the future involves calmer days and a family life.

I eventually want to work more behind than in the spotlight, but it will take  some time. If I ever get to experience having a family, I’ll consider that a bonus, he says smiling.

NO SUMMER FLIRT: Alexander Rybak has kept a low profile in Norway since he participated in “Hver gang vi møtes”. But this autumn he is ready with a book release,


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