Alexander Rybak – A YouTuber – Nordic Screens

Alexander has joined the multi channel network at the Norwegian company Nordic Screens. The network contains more than 100 YouTube channels and have more than 3 millions views pr month.

When YouTube started up in 2005, the music business was sceptical because of the free access to music. Since then YouTube has been one of the most important online platforms for artists to spread their music.

Alexander says that YouTube has been a big help in his career, and that he sees his YouTube channel as his one radio channel, where he can upload his music and reach his fans worldwide.

You can subscribe to his YT-channel, and you don’t need to have your own YT-channel to do that. Just click on the link below.

In the video below  Alexander talks about YouTube and his collaboration with Nordic Screen.

The video has English subs by Nordic Screens, revised by Katie Anderson. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina, German by Susanne Berlin, Spanish by Lulu Barcelo, Vietnamese by Bôi-Dung Trân and Portuguese by Ana Bruna Soares.

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