Alexander Rybak – A Fairytale in Moscow – 5 years anniversary


Once upon a time, 5 years ago when we were younger, the Fairytale started. Alexander won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow with a record high number of points and he won our hearts. Today, 5 years later, his record is still standing and our Fairytale Fiddler is still capturing our hearts. We celebrate by looking back on some golden moments from 2009, which were never published here before 🙂

Article published before the  start of 1st Semi-Final on 12.05.2009

Author: Nina Skyrud Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen Source:


Translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.



Whatever happens, Alexander has already won.
Whether Alexander Rybak wins Eurovision or not, he has already won the hearts of all on behalf of himself, Norway and all those who stand out in the crowd.
He had already jumped through the screen in Kjempesjansen with his own song “Foolin'”. And made viewers gasp for breath, thinking: Wow, what is this?It is incredibly rare to experience a top-trained classical musician with such a natural and heartfelt ability to communicate. He was not an old fellow when he closed his ears to the skeptics’ attempts to get him to limit himself to a career as a classical violinist. He wanted to perform the music as he felt it, both his own and others. Because when Alexander Rybak plays Rolf Løvland’s “Secret Garden”, It’s hard to remember to breathe.

Just the fact that he plays any song as long as it comes from his heart, without considering whether it is classical or pop, shows what a great musician he is.
Unfortunately, it is often the case that the more mediocre a performer is, the more concerned the person is with what music is politically correct. It can quickly become very limiting, both for the person himself and for others who think this is the way it should be. The classical music was, when it was written, simply that time’s popular music. And Alexander Rybak is wonderfully refreshing with his relaxed regards to music “inside the box”.

When he sings, plays and composes it seems like he has a huge platform to stand on. Built by hours of practice as a child, technical skills and a head full of music heard at home and during his musical education. But all of this wouldn’t help if he didn’t have the ability to convey it. And that’s what makes him so unique. He has an ability to communicate which grabs the listener and does not let go. The whole boy is an instrument with soul.

I’m excited as a kid to see the semi-finals tomorrow. Not because it’s so dangerous about whether we move on or win. Whichever way it goes, Alexander has already won. But because I love the Eurovision Song Contest. And it can’t get any better than this.
In a slick television world where all countries are copying concepts like “Idol” and “You’ve got talent”, it is  exciting to hear what they will come up with in of exciting rhythms and distinctive songs in Eurovision. A lot of nostalgia there too. I still think it’s cool to find the clip from 1976 on NRK’s website with Jahn Teigen in the skeleton costume with Inger Lise Rypdal, or Unit Five with “Lei mæ hjem” from 1981.
It is so lovely. Something that has survived for over 50 years. And after the Eastern European countries joined in, it has been even better.

Alexander Rybak – ESC final in Nesodden 16.05.09

Pre-party of ESC final in Nesodden – interview with Kjell Arild Tiltnes, NRK

Upload by May Elisabeth. Translation by Tessa Lande. Subs by Julia B.

Alexander Rybak – Performance at the ESC Final in Moscow. 16.05.2009

Recording made from Greek TV now got more than 57 mill views!

Alexander Rybak – and 12 points go to …Norway!!!
the voting in the ESC final 2009

Alexander has set 3 records in Eurovision history.
– The most votes in Eurovision history – 387 points!
– The biggest gap between first and second place.
– The most 12 points earned by a country in one contest, receiving the highest score from 16 countries.

Video by Tessa Lande

Alexander Rybak wins Eurovision Song Contest 2009 – awarding ceremony and winner’s performance

Video by Tessa Lande

Winner’s  interview from Moscow on NRK 16.05.09, right after the vitory, by Synnøve Svabø, NRK

 Upload by May Elisabeth. Translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.

Gardermoen, Norway 17.05.09 – NRK

Alexander Rybak was heartly welcomed home by thousands at Gardermoen airport, Oslo, after his great ESC victory in Moscow.

Upload by May Elisabeth. Translation and subs by Tessa Lande.

«Russen» on Karl Johan street, Oslo,  06.30 in the morning

Students partying in the “russ” bus down Oslo streets with the great hit “Fairytale”!

“Russ”  is a traditional celebration for Norwegian high school students in their final spring semester. Normally it starts on 1 May and ends on the 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution day.

Back home in Nesodden 18.05.09

Alexander Rybak heartly welcomed in his hometown Nesodden. The bells in Oslo Town hall playing Fairytale.

Upload by May Elisabeth. Translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak – 14 days in Moscow before the ESC final in 2009

A  programme made by NRK, broadcast as a pre-party show before the final in 2009. Really worth watching 🙂

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  1. I just LOVED the text up there…
    “…because when Alexander Rybak plays Rolf Loveland’s “secret gaerden” it’s hard to remember to breathe….the whole boy is an instrument with soul…”
    I just really really loved it…and it was nice to see how it’s been like back there…the tension and excitement and all…
    Well happy anniversary to us and Alex of course…!

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