Alexander Rybak – 500 fans have already bought tickets


Two months before the premiere of the Soot play at Ørje canal locks, 500 of the super celebrity Alexander Rybak`s most ardent fans have bought tickets.

Caption to the header picture: Had a “Soot-talk” in Ørje. 
It was a nice meeting between the actor Dennis Storhøi (left), artist Alexander Rybak and the local Johan Østereng during the rehearsal of the great Soot-play at the end of June.
-Many of my fans have already bought tickets, says Rybak.

soot play
Violin master: Alexander Rybak comes in “from the wing” in the role as the famous violinist Ole Bull.

Source : Smaalenenes paper issue 2.5.15.
Author and photo: Lise-Kari Holøs. Found by Ulli C.
Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett.

Ørje is the main attraction when the play about the canal builder Engebret Soot premiers on June 27. Alexander Rybak thinks even more of his fans will show up. Over 1500 tickets have been sold so far. The response from the foreign fans mean we will have to write a summary in English in the programme, says director and project manager Anneli Sollie to Smaalenenes Avis.

-Alexander is like the football player Ronaldo. He suddenly turns up from the wing and will play Ole Bull, says Henning Kvitnes, songwriter and singer from Halden who is responsible for the music. He adds that the music is close to folk music from the 1800, but it with a clear Kvitnes touch.

-It will be plain music. Engebret Soot was an ordinary guy, he says. During the rehearsal on Sunday Sanne Kvitnes sang a piece of her father`s composition.
-Incredibly beautiful, several pointed out.

soot play
OKA: The late Ole Karsten Andersen, known as OKA wrote the original play about Engebret Soot.

Anneli Sollie is the project manager and director. The play was originally written by Ole Karsten Andersen (OkA) in 1986 and has been performed three times before, but Sollie has given it a face lift and a more modern expression.-Me and my husband Alexander Rambøl sat at home in our kitchen and discussed that we wanted to give something back to the community in Ørje. There are so many positive people here.
When you manage to play Peer Gynt at Gålå and Amerikabrevet in Årjäng I think we should be able to play a Soot play in Ørje, she comments.

With a little help from Vidar Østenby at Regional park Halden and a local bank, the idea was realised.
-In addition, Dennis Storhøi is almost from Ørje. He has played Engebret Soot earlier and does this easily. It was his stepfather Ole Karsten Andersen who originally was behind the play, says Sollie. She discussed the casting with Storhøi, who amongst other things could add his experience as Peer Gynt at Gålå.

soot play
Anneli Sollie has gone deep into the story of Engebret Soot. -We have already sold 1500 tickets for the play, she informs.

-You should ask the Swedish actor Samuel Fröler. Samuel is the personification of safety. In addition we both have cabins and at Ørland and already know each other well. This was the advice the actor from Kråkerøy gave. Anneli called Samuel Fröler.-I asked if I could meet him in Stockholm because I was going there anyway. That wasn`t true. But Samuel agreed to meet me. Nothing ventured nothing gained, says Anneli.

The doctor from the Swedish successful series Skjærgårdsdoktoren swapped his doctor`s bag with pastor Heyerdahl in the play.
-I`m saving Engebret Soot for the heaven`s above, explains Samuel Fröler.

soot play
Well-known actors: The actor Dennis Storhøi (left) is well-known to Ørje with a family connection plays the main role as Soot. The Swede Samuel Fröler, well-known from Skjærgårdsdoktoren on TV, is the minister Heyerdahl while the troubadour from Halden Henning Kvitnes is responsible for the music.

Anneli Sollie has gone deep into the story about the canal builder.
-A very thrilling character. He was the crofter boy who never was accepted in good society, despite of the fact that he became one of the most important personalities during the 1800s.
-What sort of personality did he have?
He must`ve had a strong charisma. The canal builder travelled around the country and was both at the canal in Telemark and on the other side of the border(Sweden). We know he was very fond of women. Engebret Soot was very attracted to music too, and he also played the violin. He had the guts to go to Christiania and wake up Ole Bull because he didn`t make it to the concert earlier that day. But Engebret Soot is probably a personality one never will understand completely, says Anneli Sollie.

Soot play
Rehearsal: The rehearsals started on Sunday for Lars Johansson and the other actors who will participate.


  • The play about canal builder Engebret Soot will be one of Norway`s annual historic plays.
  • The writer Jonas Lie and the violinist Ole Bull called Engebret Soot one of the 19th century`s biggest natural geniuses. Soot was born in was is now called Aurskog Høland in 1786 and died at Østre Otteid in Marker in 1859.
  • The Soot play premiers on June 27 and will have 10 performances.
  • The budget is 1.5 million crowns.
  • 42 actors including Samuel Fröler, Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak, Sanne Kvitnes and member of parliament Stein Erik Luavås in some of the roles.More info about “Soot-Spelet” you’ll find here
soot play
Many parts: 42 actors participate. Some of them are celebrities others have a long experience in local plays. Henning Kvitnes (far right) is responsible for the music. It will be down to earth, he promises.

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