10 years anniversary show of “Allsang på grensen” 23.06.2016

Alexander Rybak in the 10 years anniversary show of “Allsang på grensen”

The Norwegian sing along Tv-show “Allsang på grensen” has been going on for 10 years by now, and to celebrate TV2 made an anniversary show with highlights and interviews with some of the artists that has taken part in these 10 years. Alexander is one of the artists that was well presented in this show 🙂

Enjoy the nice interview and the highlights from Alexander’s performances in “Allsang på grensen”.

Recording by May Elisabeth Nipen. English translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.
Featured picture by TV2

4 thoughts on “10 years anniversary show of “Allsang på grensen” 23.06.2016”

  1. Please add the Hungarian subtitles to these Allsang videos cause I want to update my Allsang overview post.

    1. The subtitles are added, but the first one has some format mistakes. Looks like there are use italic format in some of the sentences.

      1. Yes, I used italic format to highlight some names, titles of TV-shows etc.
        That is okay.

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