Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Alexander Rybak visits his dancer friends and will change his image in Lithuania

time to show anniversary

Source:  publihsed 16.01.15  Found by Sonya Luzina, translated by Erika Erikutia, revised by Anni Jowett

On Friday Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, is coming to Lithuania from faraway Qatar, where he gave an impressive performance. In the provisional capital the performer will have a concert and the Norwegian of Belarusian origin also has organised a secret visit in Vilnius, about which he refuses to tell.

On Saturday at the Veterinaries Academy in the Great Hall in Kaunas, Alexander will arrange a performance at the dance group “Time to Show”’s anniversary concert.

More info  about the anniversary here

The singer got acquainted with these Lithuanians more than a year ago, through his agent in the Baltic countries. Alexander Rybak so much enjoyed working with the Lithuanians, that he invited them to become his personal dancers and travel around the world together.
time to show anniversary
Thus was born a beautiful friendship, which already is continuing for a second year. So, when the “Time to Show” agents invited Alexander to their celebration, he graciously agreed to come, without any payment, to arrange a show performance. Moreover, Alexander Rybak when arriving from Qatar to Lithuania has prepared a pleasant surprise for his dancers from Lithuania.

“I had a talk on the phone with Alexander and advised him about certain personal surprise details. I hoped that he wouldn’t bring sand and camels from Qatar, and something that is related to belly dancing is really to be expected. I don’t know, yet he doesn’t say if he will dance himself, or eyeing a belly dancer “- smiles Alexander Rybak’s agent in the Baltic countries, the organising events company “Perfection” leader Ramunas Dieliautas.

Alexander will be in Lithuania for almost two days. He arrives in Vilnius on Friday afternoon, on Saturday he will have a performance in Kaunas, also the singer has affairs in the capital, which he is reluctant to talk about. According to Eurovision winner’s manager, here he will have “a personal meeting, regarding his image.

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