Alexander Rybak creates a song for graduating girls (Russ). April 26th 2011

Rybak creates a “Russesong” for the girls

Source:  Author: Lars H. Bryne. Photo: Petter Sørnæs  Translated by Marianne Saietz. Revision by Bita.

Alexander Rybak himself was behind the “Russe-song” for the girls in the Bærum bus: Atlantis. Around 10,000 people gathered on Tuesday evening for the grand “Russe-bus” nomination at the Telenor Arena. 27 busses in total from Bærum took part in the event, where “Russen” displayed their busses, concepts and songs for the first time.

Incredibly Catchy

The girls in the bus “Atlantis” received a little extra attention for their “Russe-song” when it was played for the first time in front of the ecstatic audience all dressed in red and blue. They had the MGP winner himself, Alexander Rybak, make the “Atlantis” song for them.

– “It is so cool that he agreed to doing it. The song is incredibly catchy and it functions surprisingly well as a “Russe-song”. Even though it’s a party song, you can still hear the typical Rybak elements” smiles Susanne Hægeland, who was one of the 24 girls on the bus.

Contributed for free

Some of the “Atlantis” girls knew the former Rud-student, and so he was more than happy to assist them, in spite of his rather busy schedule.   – “Atlantis” has other songs too, but this one is definitely the best. Furthermore, he did this completely for free”, she tells, and adds: “Now, we are truly “buddies” of Rybak. That’s rather cool.”

– Will he join you in the bus on while it’s on tour? – He didn’t want to take part in the award, but we will try to make him join us on a road trip later, laughs Hægeland.


A short part of the song at a “Russe-party”, uploaded by Superberenika:

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