Alexander in Ulsteinvik, July 29th 2011.

“Was well-received”

Article published in, 29.07.2011
Journalist: Jørund Johansen.

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Rybak performed an intimate concert at Amfi in Ulsteinvik on Friday. He said it was wonderful to be receieved so well.
The audience were excited and waited for Alexander Rybak when the time passed 4 o’clock at Amfi in Ulsteinvik on Friday. There were both young and old people at the concert, but it was the younger generation who hijacked the closest places to the stage.

Suddenly a girl’s screaming sounded in the hall, and Rybak suddenly came out of the crowd and went up on stage to everyone’s enthusiasm. He started to talk about the tragic event in Oslo and Utøya.

– We eventually have to get back on track and do what we use to do. And for me that means travelling around the country and playing Fairytale,-  he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

He started with the Swedish song “Resan till Deg,” which is the single on his new album. He followed up with “Roll with the Wind” before he finished with the monster hit “Fairytale” to huge cheers from the attendants.

Took his time

After the intimate concert he did an album signing. This year Rybak has released a new album in Swedish, “Visa vid Vindens Ängar”, where he has collaborated with the Swedish composer and folk-song singer Mats Paulson.

There was a long, winding queue in the Book and Media store, and further out into the hallway of the mall. Rybak took his time to say hi to those who showed up. For almost two hours he posed for pictures and signed CD’s before everyone was pleased, which was quite okay for Rybak.

– It’s very nice to travel around and meet Norway in this way, I am truely privileged.


Ulsteinvik for the second time

It is not the first time Rybak is in Ulsteinvik. In the summer two years ago he and Sissel Kyrkjebø performed in a naming ceremony at Ulstein Verft. He thought it was fun to come back.

– It is wonderful that I am so well received. Nature must do something to the people here, they are so nice.

Tomorrow he travels further on to Giske and a performance at the Summer Festival, which is something quite different than an intimate concert in Ulsteinvik. – And he said he looked very much forward to play at Giske.


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