Alexander in the Swedish parody of SKAM in Melodifestivalen 2017

Alexander as the character “William” in a Swedish parody of “SKAM”.

Clara Henry and Alexander Rybak played the characters “Nora” and “William” In Melodifestivalen’s  “SMAK” (taste), which is a parody of the Norwegian popular youth TV-series “SKAM” (Shame). “SKAM” has become very popular also outside Norway, and has been broadcast both on Swedish and Danish TV. 

Because the original song at point 1.14 is blocked by YouTube, we have replaced the song with “Dovregubbens Hall”, played by Alexander 🙂 

If the YouTube video is blocked in your country, or you don’t have access to YouTube, you can watch the parody on Vimeo. This video has the original song.


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