One to One – voting and result

The Jury will judge the participants in a system like “Eurovision” from 2 to 12 points (except 11). In addition, each participant gives 5 points to one of his colleagues. The artists who ends up in top 5 after 13 episodes (the episode 10.5. is without voting), goes to the final. In the first episode only the artists gave  each other points. In addition there was a televoting and the result was revealed in the second episode. In the final it will be only televotes that counts.



15th Episode – The Final – ALEXANDER nr 2 🙂

Alexander performed as Micheal Bublé with the song “Feeling Good” and was great 🙂 The televoting gave the result as following, and Alexander took a clear 2nd place with 32,1 % of the votes. Congrats 🙂

final result


So after the last points was given by the artists, Alexander was 5 points from being one of the finalists. The judges made an exception and decided to let this talented young man take part i the final. That was a surprise for sure, but a very nice and pleasant and popular surprise 🙂

14th Episode – Conchita Wurst – Alexander did a brilliant version of “Rise like a Phoenix”, but despite that he didn’t get enough points to be among the 5 who went to the final. He got the following points:
7 – 9 – 8 – 8 from the judges, and 5 from the artists, a total of 37 points.



13th Episode was dedicated to the Victory Day 9th of May,a nd there were no voting in this episode.

12. Episode – Rod Stewart – Alexander did an energetic and Rod Stewart crazy performance of “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy”. He became nr 9 this time, with the following points:
3 – 10 – 4 – 5, a total of 22 points, and he is now nr 5 in the total ranking, 4 points above 6th place. This is way too exciting.

onetoone ranking 12 episode


11. Episode – Chris de Burgwith Alexander’s touching performance of “Lady in Red”,  he became nr 3 in this episode, with the following points:
8 – 7 – 7 – 4 from the judges and 10 from the artists, a total of 36 points and that brought him one place further up on the total ranking to the 3rd place 🙂

ranking 11 onetoone

10. Episode – Lyudmila Ryumina, a well-known Russian folksong singer. Alexander won this time, and it was so well deserved. And by that he jumped up to 4th place so far in the ranking 🙂

Alexander got 12 – 12 – 12 -12 from the judges, zero from the other artists, so a total of 48 points this time.

ranking 10 onetoone


9. Episode – Gorbunkov Simon (Yuri Nikulin)  from the movie “The Diamond Arm” .  7th place this time, and stil nr. 6 in the show so far. 

Alexander got a 2 – 4 – 7 – 3 from the judges, and 5 from the artists (Ruslan), a total of 21 point.

onetoone episode 9 ranking

8. Episode – Andrea Bocelli – Second place this time and up one step from last week to nr 6th so far. 

Alexander got a 10 – 9 – 10 – 12 from the judges, and 5 from the artists. A total of 46 points. 🙂

ranking onetoone

7. Episode – Alexander Losev – a shared 6th place this time and ranked as 7 so far.

Alexander got a 6 -10 – 3 – 4 , a total of 23 points

one to one result 7

6. Episode – Shura – 7th place this time and nr 6 so far.

Alexander got a 4 -10 – 3 -7, a total of 24 points.

ranking after 6th episode one to one

5. episode – Gloria Gaynor – 3rd place and still nr 5 so far 🙂

Alexander got a 12 – 12 – 10 and 7, a total sum of 41.

ranking 6th episode onetoone

4. episode – Enrique Iglesias – 8th place, so far nr 5 🙂

Alexander got  19 points from the judges and 5 from the artists.

onotoone 5 epsiode pointsranking after 5th episode onetoone


3. episode – Eduard Khil – 5th place, and still 2nd so far 🙂

Alexander got 28 points from the judges.


2. episode – Dima Bilan – 3rd place, and 2nd so far.

Alexander got 38 points and 3rd place from the judges, and  5 points from the artists.

episode2A onetoone result2 episode onetoone

1. Episode – ELVIS – 2nd place.
Only the artists gave each other points in the first episode and Alexander shared the 1st place,  and after the televoting, where he came 4th, he ended 2nd with his Elvis performance.

televotingOnetoone result

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