Alexander Rybak in the Russian TV-Show “One to One” 2015


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The spring 2015 Alexander took part in the Russian show “One to One”, where the participants impersonated legendary artists. The premiere was on February 8, and it was a total of 16 shows aired Sundays during spring 2015. Last show (recap) broadcast Sunday 31st of May. More about the concept here: read more icon

To see the voting and ranking list during the show  Click here
After the 14th show Alexander became nr 6 and was not among the five who automatically went further on to the final, but the judges found him such incredible talented and said he deserved a place in the final and made an exception. And his 2nd place showed he really deserved that chance.

To watch Alexander’s performances, click on the pictures for each episode.
You’ll find all performances in this video-playlist as well:

To watch Alexander in the show, click  on “Watch the video”.

1. Episode  8.2. – ELVIS PRESLEY 
Alexander performed  “Don’t be Cruel”, and he did very well.


Alexander did an amazing performance of “Believe”, and got very good reviews.


3. Episode – 22.2 – EDUARD KHIL
Alexander performed the well-known funny song “Trololo”.


Alexander used the song Trololo in his second home made video.

4. Episode – 1.3. – ENRIQUE IGLESIAS
Alexander performed the well-known and beautiful “Hero” this time.


5. Episode – 8.3. – GLORIA GAYNOR

Alexander performed “I Will Survive”, and he was fantastic.

Shura Onetoone6. Episode – 15.3. – SHURA
Alexander in this hillarious  “Cold Moon” by Shura.


Alexander Losev onetoone
7. Episode – 22.3 – Alexander Losev

Alexander perform an old and popular Russian song “My Shiny Little Star”.

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Andrea Bocelli Onetoone8. Episode – 28.3. – Andrea Bocelli
Alexander with a brilliant performance in Italian of the beautiful “Caruso”  🙂

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episode9 onetoone
9. Episode – 5.4 – Semyon Gorbunkov 

In this episode Alexander imitated a movie character from the Russian comedy “The Diamond Arm” and sang his song “The Song about Hares”.
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episode10 Lyudmila Ryumina onetoone
10. Episode – 12.04. – Lyudmila Ryumina

In this episode Alexander imitated the  Russian folksong singer, sang her song “Ah, Samara City” and he did it so well that he won 🙂
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Onetoone episode 11 Chris de Burg
11. Episode – 19.04. – Chris de Burg

Alexander performed a touching “Lady in Red”, playing live piano, and did very well 🙂

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12. Episode – 26.04. – Rod Stewart

Alexander performed an energetic “DaYa Think I’m Sexy”. 🙂
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13. Episode – 10.05 – Nikolai Kryuchkov

This was about the Victory Day 9.5. Alexander performed  “The Airplanes Comes First” from the Soviet comedy film “Heavenly Slug”.
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onetoone conchita14th episode  17.05 – Conchita Wurst
Conchita himself would be impressed by Alexander’s performance of “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Just brilliant!

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Micheal Buble one to one onetoone Alexander Rybak
15th Episode 24.5. – Micheal Bublè

Alexander sings the jazzy “Feeling Good”. Damn good!

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The 16. Episode – Recap – can be watched here 

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