Alexander in Øksnes with The LVO 29.09.13

Source: Bladet Vesterålen
Paper Issue – Published 01.10.13
Author: Idar Ovesen
Photo: Idar Ovesen

Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak and The LVO were a huge thrill in Øksneshallen.

ØKSNES: Alexander Rybak came to Øksnes and instructed, charmed and shone in interaction with The LVO.

It was a playful evening in front of hundreds in the enthusiastic audience in Øksneshallen. It was almost “Beatles-conditions”, with a huge tribulation in front of the entrance. More chairs had to be put in place so as many as possible got the chance to see and hear.

– Yes, we are lucky to have Alexander Rybak here,- Torill Karijord saluted the audience, and the show started. The youngest in The Lofoten and Vesterålen Orchestra Association (LVO) are also lucky, during the weekend they got to learn a thing or two from Rybak.

– Yes, the rehearsal weekend has been quite intensive,- the Chairman and musician in LVO, Ingmar Wåhlberg, was telling Bladet Vesterålen.

Rehearsed all weekend

– All met in Øksneshallen on Friday night, and Alexander came from Oslo. There were rehearsals all Saturday and Sunday afternoon until the concert. Rybak mostly concentrated on the youngest, but also had rehearsals with the whole orchestra.

Playful, indeed. Alexander’s mischievous face confirmed that the star violinist thrived both with musicians and audience, who were fully attentive the entire time.

The virtuoso Alexander impresses just as well when he plays “Bergrosa” as when he increases the tempo with “Funny Little World “or goes into a calm collaboration with pianist Stefan Zlatanos.


Not to mention when he, with the young LVO musicians, play the violin “equilibristic” (to play in an elite, virtuosic fashion) even with the bow behind their neck or between their knees.

And he’s good at giving praise.

– You are unique talents, all of you,- he greeted the hopeful, and also highlighted the horns in The LVO.

Quick in spoken line and with a huge stage charm, it easily ends up with a laugh and a smile when Rybak is on. And the 27-year-old who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 possesses great qualities as a musician.


We also got to hear The LVO ” on their own”, under the direction of conductor Ketil Vangen. That was also a great experience, not the least when the orchestra gave its very best in “Titanic Suite”.

– A real journey for us, and great inspiration. And very pleased that 450 people showed up,- summarises Ingmar Wåhlberg.

Alexander has otherwise stayed at the hotel at Sortland during his stay in Vesterålen. In Øksnes, “all were in” when the tones from “Fairytale” signaled the finale of a pretty fairytale evening with Rybak & Co.

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