Alexander debuts as a reporter for April 27th 2011

Alexander debuts as a reporter for NRK

Alexander Rybak is ready for the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time with a slightly different role than before.

Source:  Published 27.04.11. Text and photo: Hege Bakken Riise. Translation by Tessa La, Revision by Bita Janz

When Stella Mwangi in a few days, jumps on a flight to the international Eurovision Song Contest finale in Dûsseldorf, most attention will be turned towards her. Alexander Rybak will also follow closely, he namely makes his debut as a reporter and will cover Stella and the other artists’ movements during the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) for
“I have to start being interested in fashion and how people are dressed as quickly as possible. This is very important in the MGP-world”, Alexander Rybak says with a slight shudder as he embarks on the pro and cons of his new job.

Even though the setting is familiar to the boy who won the contest with the most overwhelming Eurovision victory ever just two years ago, the job this time will be quite different from the last. Alexander Rybak has switched sides, and this time he will be a part of the Norwegian MGP delegation, where his job is to be a web-reporter for

I fear for annoyed artists

Rybak will therefore follow Stella Mwangis rehearsals and movements and report back to Norway about the life in the Eurovision Song Contest. He is humble in relation to the task that awaits. – I do this with great respect. As an artist, I can say and do what I want, but as a reporter, I work on behalf of my workplace. The special thing about being a reporter in ESC is that I have something extra to add there as many others have not. I’ve been on stage myself, so I may know a little more about what I should ask for than other journalists, says Rybak.

ALexander Rybak NRK Eurovision 2012

Therefore he is also aware of how it feels like when an artist is repeatedly asked the same questions over and over again. “I fear for annoyed artists. Journalists often ask the same stupid questions again and again. I’m afraid that I’ll do the same, but I hope I can manage to find some questions that might stand out in my interviews as well,” he says with a sly smile. At the same time, the Norwegian Grand Prix club will be in Düsseldorf and will be sharing their reflections on the competition with readers. Follow President Morten Thomassen’s blog here:

Flirting at work?

According to Rybak there are several advantages that comes with the new job. “It can sometimes be used as an excuse to find the answers to questions you wondered about yourself, but did not dare to ask personally. It’s a great way to find out if the girls are single or not, since it’s not me who is asking, it’s the readers,” Rybak jokes in his usual manner. During the two semi-finals on May 10th and 12th, and also during the final broadcast on Saturday May 14th, Rybak will chat live with online viewers. There he will share his thoughts about the broadcast, and will also answer questions from the audience.

Alexander is not afraid that there will be less attention paid to him as a person than he is used to.

“I like to get attention for my songs. In this job, attention isn’t so important, but recognition would be nice. As well as some nice comments from my boss”, he smiles. Though it is highly unlikely that Rybak will be able to get away unnoticed in the hallways of the large arena in Düsseldorf, he is not worried about being distracted from his task due to other journalists and his own fans. “No, I will rather exploit it. If a crowd accumulates around the interview I do, I can use them and ask for their opinions. I can conduct mini surveys, such as ‘raise your hand, those of you who think that she is wearing a nice dress,’ or ‘who do you think will win?’ he says enthusiastically.

AlexanderRybak reporter for NRK in Eurovision 2012 Dusseldorf
“Well, is this how I hold the microphone? I have to practice on this”, Alexander Rybak says.

Now all that remains for Rybak is to read up on this year’s artists, and that he packs his bags before he leaves. If Rybak has a little journalist’s dream in his stomach, and if we are going to see him in this role again he don’t he dare to predict. “You have to ask me, and not at least my boss, about that after the job is done. One step at a time,” he replies. You can follow the Norwegian delegation’s updates in Düsseldorf, and Alexander Rybak’s debut as an web-journalist on . Already on Saturday the first members of the delegation fly south. Rybak will follow the week after. Norway has their first rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest on Sunday May 1st. Then it snowballed until the first part, Tuesday 10 May, where Norway performs as song number two.

Alexander Rybak Stella Mwangi Eurovision 2012
Last time he was on the stage himself, now it’s Stella Mwangi who’s in the spotlight, and Alexander who has to follow her.

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  1. Dear Alexander, enjoy your task during the Eurovision Songcontest.
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