Alexander at Hellviktangen 13.09.2013

Author: Felicia Øystå
Photos: Felicia Øystå

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translated by Tessa Lande. Revision by Katie Anderson.


Alexander Rybak is still a big hero in Nesodden.

The Kulturist held a late summer concert on Friday night with both Alexander Rybak and the band “Folk Ford”.

Rybak said he was happy to be back home. He came directly from Vilnius and is going on to Turkey tomorrow. The concert contained many oldies, and Rybak was in a great mood.

After the concert it was the old Rybak situation, with a faithful crowd waiting for autographs. Rybak delivered, giving autographs and taking photos with both children and adults.


Source: Amtstidende
paper issue -16.9.13
Author: Felicia Øystå
Photos: Felicia Øystå


“I have so much fun when I am here.”

Alexander Rybak’s status as a hero is still intact in Nesodden. He delivered a personal and entertaining concert to the audience at Hellviktangen. The band “Folk Ford” also ensured that it would become a successful event organized by Kulturisten.

“You’re in my heart,” Alexander Rybak said during the concert at Hellviktangen this weekend.

The event organized by Kulturisten at Hellviktangen met a wide audience. The event started with Alexander Rybak from Nesodden, then came the band “Folk Ford”, and at the end “De Frilynte” and a dance at the pier. Rybak appealed to his fellow townsmen, and got a full response.

Alexander Rybak had good contact with people of all ages during the event by Kulturist at Hellviktangen.

“What a lovely sight,” said Rybak. He said he had not been in Hellviktangen for several years, and it brought him back to his “teen time”. The repertoire was well known, and Rybak also tried to do a sing-a-long.

It was a personal performance in which the contact with the audience was excellent. Rybak said he came directly from Vilnius, and would continue further on to Turkey the next day.

After the concert a bunch of hopeful autograph hunters of all ages waited. After a ½ hour break he came out and was swarmed by several generations.

Alexander Rybak was in great mood, and delivered a colorful concert.

The band “Folk Ford” from Nesodden came out with old folk songs, and a CD release. Executions and murder were interpreted with the help of 20 instruments and 500 strings from the stage. Alexander Rybak, Lars Frederik Beck Energy and “Fra Lippo Lippi” were interpreted in a folk style. “Folk Ford” certainly has an audience at Nesodden and the audience was thrilled.

The Kulturist ended Sunday with a cultural walk.

More pictures from Hellviktangen:

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