Alexander and The Lofoten and Vesterålen Orchestra Association- 29.09.13

Source: Bladet Vesterålen
Paper issue – 25.9.13.
Author and Photos:
Tone M. Sørensen

Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Katie Anderson.


Sunday, September 29th, there is a big concert at Myre where Alexander Rybak will play with the Lofoten and Vesterålen Orchestra Association.
– “We are really looking forward to it,” say the members of the children’s orchestra, pictured here with Runa Helen Olsen.

SORTLAND: The youngest members in The LVO have already started practicing for the autumn’s big event, a concert with the one and only Alexander Rybak.
This autumn’s big musical highlight for The Lofoten and Vesterålen Orchestra Association (LVO) will be Sunday, September 29th, at Myre.

The star violinist, Alexander Rybak, will have a concert at Myre.

– “I am very excited to play with Rybak. We will certainly be a bit nervous too,” smiles Silje Risjordet (10 years) from the children’s orchestra.

 Almost Symphony Orchestra

 Runa Helen Olsen, originally from Myre, in her last year of studying music in Sortland, is an assistant at the culture school.

– “There are 105 members in the orchestra, so we are almost a complete symphony orchestra. There should be 120 of us for that, so we are not far from it,” she says. Olsen leads the practice with the children’s orchestra, and will continue doing that during her last school year before she starts focusing on a career in Defense.

– “The fact that Rybak wants to come to Vesterålen to play is big, and of course I think it is really great that he will play in my home town,” she says.

In the concert on Sunday with Alexander Rybak, we will have the chance to show off the youngest members.

– “We, the slightly older band members, will be supporting them. And we certainly rejoice and are excited too. It will be fun to cooperate with Rybak and I think it will be a very good concert,” she says.

 The star violinist will have his own section, while The LVO plays a special section in the middle of the concert.

-“We’re playing both Rybak’s known hits and LVO-classics. It will be very, very good. Alexander Rybak is not only charming on stage, he is also a wonderful violinist,” Olsen says.

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