Alexander and the BAD show in Tønsberg Blad 11.07.13

Source: Tønsberg Blad
Paper issue – 11.07.13
Author: Claudio Mariconda
Photo: Peder Gjersøe

Translated by Jorunn Ekre and Sara Anja. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Close-knit: Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen think it’s fun to be back in Tønsberg.

The key to success: Two hungry young men kept in line by the queen of the ball. And the ball starts tonight.

When Tønsberg’s Blad arrives at Quality Hotel Klubben, the guys are running across the hallway with a totally different agenda than an interview. They want food!

– Are you already here?- asks Alexander Rybak.

He walks back and forth without any particular goal, with one hand in his hair and the other one pulling at his T-shirt.

– Photos? Then I`ll have to change my T-shirt. I’ve been wearing the same one… I will be right back,- he says, and leaves in a hurry.

–  Well, he`s much more concerned with clothes and appearance than I am,- says Didrik Solli-Tangen, pretending to be a bit in despair.

 Lighthearted mood

There`s a slight hint of irony in the air. The mood is light and informal. Inclusive. When the trio was finished with the shows at Quality Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg last summer, the reviewer was extremely satisfied and the shows had been sold out.

– It was such a big success last year that we decided to go on a winter tour. It became a great tour,- says Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen, beaming.

New show

This year`s show has, more or less, new material. The trio promises a bigger show that makes you want more.

– We`ve picked up some themes, we have to include others so that people won`t be disappointed. But perhaps in a new way,- says Didrik, with a wry smile.

– We want to use ourselves on all levels and in different genres. Duets, and of course some opera,- says Bettan.

– You can say it`s the same form as last year, but we have one more year of experience. New inspiration and ideas,- says Didrik.

 “We agree totally with what Bettan is saying,- says Alexander grinning.

Show marathon

It will probably be ten shows and possibly twice on certain days. Bettan isn`t worried that there are many big shows this summer.

– Competition is an inspiration to grow in all of life`s phases. It`s fun having so many big artists who come here. I think it just creates more publicity around the show-town, Tønsberg. Also, I know Hoys, you have got to go see them. And I’ve known Carola personally since she won as a 16-year old. It has been thrilling to follow her from the beginning,- she says.

Praises everyone who is involved

When the guys go out, they end up on the pier to buy ice cream.

– There is great weather during our intense rehearsals,- says Didrik. – Then we`re mourning together.
– Women? We notice their presence,- he (Didrik) says with a disappointed look.

The artists feel the rehearsals are going well now. All three of them are full of admiration and respect for the professional crew they have. And each other. Now they look forward to the premiere.

– It`s so much fun working together. Lots of humor,- says Bettan.

– Yes, we have to be careful not to get too internal at the premiere party,- says Didrik.

– We are very, very good at listening to each other,- says Alexander.

No one heard the last part. It could be because the guys are hungry.

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  1. Best trio in this world! BAD trio, they enliven the performances. Love they <3 😀

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