Alexander and Superbarna prepare for “Allsang på Grensen” 04.07.13

On TV with Rybak

Thrive Together: Superbarna has good chemistry with Alexander Rybak. This week they were in Tusenfryd together to become even better acquainted with each other.

Source: Romerikets Blad – Paper issue 04.07.2013
Author and photo credit: Stine Strandhaug Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

From left rear: Kristine Bang Thori, Jenny Helt, Thea Haugland and Pernille Hogstad Stene.
From left front: Tobias Asphol, Alexander Rybak and Benjamin Asphol.

When Alexander Rybak was asked to participate in “Allsang på Grensen”, he insisted on singing with Superbarna from Gjerdrum. Tonight you will see them on TV.

– “It is very fun to sing with Alexander. In addition, we learn many funny dance moves from him. He’s also quite handsome,” says Kristine Bang Thori (13) and Pernille Hogstad Stene (13) from Gjerdrum. Both sing in the group “Superbarna”, who will perform in the evening along with Alexander Rybak in “Allsang på Grensen” on TV 2. Rybak was in Gjerdrum last week to practice with the kids and there was lots of laughter and fun. Two of the group members are children of producer and musician Knut Lynne Asphol from Gjerdrum.

He produced Rybak’s most recent CD and is now working on the next CD. Superbarna consists of six children from Gjerdrum. The first time they appeared with Rybak was at Oppdal Cultural Center last fall. It worked so well that when Rybak was asked to join “Allsang på Grensen” he insisted on bringing along Superbarna.

Vocal Exercise: Alexander Rybak demonstrates with his hands how Superbarna should hold the microphone when they sing on TV tonight.

Good chemistry

– “Superbarna are a nice bunch. It is rare that a group of children perform with such high quality, and in addition, are as good at concentrating. I have developed very good chemistry with the kids and would love to have them with me on the sing-along program,” Alexander Rybak says to Romerikets Blad. He has chosen to perform “Dyrene i Afrika” with them.

– “I like Egner’s songs very much, and this is a very happy song. I have chosen to ‘put my own stamp’ on the arrangement, changing the tempo in parts of the song”, he reveals and explains that the kids will do a lot of movements on stage.

 First time on TV

Pernille Hogstad Stene think it’s fun that Rybak has chosen them to participate in the program.

-“I’m really excited because I’ve never sung on TV before. But it’s fun. My class was envious when I told that I will be singing with Alexander Rybak,” she says.

Tone Lise Ramstad Asphol is the leader of Superbarna.
-“It’s fantastic that the children got the chance sing with Alexander on TV. This is a great opportunity to show off the group. Here they will also dance, movement and singing at the same time, and it requires a lot of preparation,” she says.

In addition to the host, Katrine Moholt from Nannestad, John Brungot will be the guest host tonight. Artists participating in addition to Rybak and Superbarna are Staut, Cir.Cuz, Robin Stjernberg, Bobby Kimball from Toto, and Robin Beck.

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