Alexander and Superbarna in Her&Nå 2.7.13

Source: Paper issue of Her&Nå
Author: Per Ingar Nilsen
Photo credit: Morten Bendiksen

Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Right on Target with the Children

Alexander Rybak loves to socialise with children. That’s when the pop star dares to bring out the childish side of himself. The trip to Tusenfryd was a delight – also for him.

On Thursday, Alexander Rybak (27) will perform on “Allsang på Grensen”. Before the TV2 program he took his children’s choir to the amusement park outside Oslo.

CANDY FLOSS: Alexander and Superbarna enjoyed themselves with sweets. He has known the choir since he participated in the song “Na na na” on their CD “Superstar”. Here Alexander is surrounded by Mona Johnsen Emilsen, Kristine Bang Thori, Jenny Louise Helt, Thea Haugland, Benjamin Asphol, and Tobias Asphol.

The artist wanted the chorus Superbarna to have a day at their premises before they perform “Dyrene i Afrika (Animals in Africa)” in Kathrin Moholt’s program. Alexander enjoyed himself just as much as the kids.

“This is a holiday for me”, says the grinning Alexander to Her & Nå, before he and the young flock fly off to the radio cars.
The “Fairytale star” is known for having a wide range of audience. During the day at Tusenfryd he reveals that he is completely in tune with the youngest.

“I’ve always felt childlike at heart. I spend time with many adult performers, producers and theatre people daily, so the time with children is extra nice. “

His work with the Superbarna choir has been successful in many ways.

“Alexander is almost like an uncle to me,” says Benjamin (10).

Alexander doesn’t preclude that he wants his own children, but right now he is satisfied with the “uncle role.”

TAKING CONTROL: Alexander and Jenny driving radio cars. "Absolutely hilarious", says Jenny enthusiastically.

“I like being a weekend dad.” laughs Alexander, who is ready for the premiere in Tønsberg of the summer show “Bettan, Alexander and Didrik”.

Alexander has already started planning his next CD. “Now I’m making a children’s CD, that is my big project now,” Alexander said, “…so I’m going fully into the role of making the album as good as possible.” He knows that the child audience can’t be fooled.

“You get honest feedback and they are so attentive all the time. One can’t just chat along, one must say sensible things. “

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