upcoming Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010

(researched by Tessa La)

Oslo is planning a two week festival named “The sound of Oslo” in connection with the “Eurovision Song Contest 2010”. Alexander is among the artists who set the first party at Rådhusplassen on 17th May.

More info about that event you can find HERE – the info is no longer available. 


7 thoughts on “upcoming Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010”

  1. Hurra!
    Yes, it’s definitly RÅDHUSPLASSEN, but no big deal 😉
    Oh, I’m so happy! And on Norways national day! Love it 😀

  2. Thanks Julia…but….It is RÅDHUSPLASSEN…not RÅHUSPLASSEN. There is a D , missing…..I wish, i could be there..

    1. Marianne, now I’m confused…I have copied this name from article…Are you sure about that missing D? I look through article again and see RÅDHUSPLASSEN, without D….:(

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