Alex & FaceBookies on tour through Russia. Rostov-on-Don, Nov. 24th, 2009

The Adventures of FB-agents in Rostov-on-Don.
(a report by Lena Andrievskaya, translated and edited by J.Bezbakh)

Monday 23 November at 16.30 – I went to Julia’s home to pick her up. Julia was embroidering very nice picture of Alex and his family – the present which they were going to give him in Rostov. Embroidery was almost ready, but only almost … And this girl said that she would embroider in the bus, at the airport and at the hotel to finish it. It was useless trying to dissuade her and, as a result, I have an extra hand luggage – big wooden frame (size 70×50 cm approx). At 19.00 we were sitting in the bus and set off to conquer the Rostov and Sasha, of course))) In the bus there was no light, so it was impossible to embroider. The night was sleepless. I nap a little but Julia, it seems, didn’t sleep at all. 4 a.m – stop on the Customs. The procedure took 2 freaking hours, but everything went well and we were in Rostov at 7.40 a.m.))))

The check in at the hotel was scheduled for 1 p.m., so we decided to drive immediately to the airport for not miss Sasha. We weren’t sure in time flights so were rushed to each plane from Moscow. Julia was embroidering as fast as she could, but we decided to buy some candies as a fullback. The waiting was long, the flights was delaying to afternoon. We were very sleepy. Julia was exhausted because of sleepless night with her embroidery. Only drinking of Burn helped us. 1 p.m. – Sasha still didn’t arrive. Our decision: we meet one more flight, if he is not there – we leave this idea and go to the hotel. The plane landed, passengers descended the stairs into the bus and drove to the airport. We saw off the bus with disappointed glance, because we were sure Sasha should have a special auto. I went down to the arrivals, Julia was left with our bags in the waiting room, near the window where we looked for the aircraft. There wasn’t much hope, but still …. The first person I saw in the crowd was Sasha. My heart jumped. I ran up to him, saying something like we met him, waiting for a long time, etc. I asked what hotel he will stay. He was confused, asked someone, then said: “But what the hotels are here?” I said the name of our hotel He smiled and said that this is the same hotel where he supposed to stay. I said: “Ok. We’ll meet in the hotel then.” I doubt that he understood what I meant. Then Julia came up with the candy, she saw how he went from the bus. We’ve presented sweets, said greetings from Facebookies and from Russian-speaking FB friends))) Sasha talked to us, but somehow aloof, constantly looking in the phone and writing sms. He was pale, even greenish, I would say, and tired. But he became interested when heard where we came from. He admired New York. The only real emotion appeared on his face when he saw the baby. Little curly smurf:).

Then Sasha and his crew were waiting for luggage. I saw Turfinn, he looked at me and something flashed in his eyes. He remembered me !!!!! He called me! I went up asked: “Do you remember me, remember Kharkiv?” He said: “Yes!” We exchanged polite greetings saying how we’re happy to see each other again. Embraced like old friends. He asked if we have a vacation, I answered that yes. Then I asked about New York, he also liked NY very much. The hairstyle of Torfinn was so cute – a complete mess)))) I’d like to say him a complement, but my English vocabulary was run out by the time. Sasha stood nearby and I asked him to translate for Torfinn (don’t kill me for this!) that I like his haircut. Sasha translated into Norwegian. They laughed. Torfinn said in Russian: “Spasibo!” At this time Julia went to our bags, somehow she started to get nervous. Perhaps it was impact of fatigue. Sasha asked our names (just why, if he still can not remember). I said mine and then said: “And this is Julia”. He asked why she was standing there, and called her to us. Then my thoughts were mixed up)))) He asked whether we would be at the concert, and why we are interested to watch the same thing so many times. Oh, he is so naive. Because we love you!! Stupid smurf!;))))

There was nobody but us at the airport, only the taxi drivers. No bodyguards, no limousines. They went to the hotel by the usual yellow shuttle-bus.
Soon they lost the interest to us and we decided to go to the hotel.
We moved away slowly, and they all stood and watched our backs (I didn’t look back, I’d love to think I didn’t:). But we went beautifully, be sure!;)

We arrived at the hotel, put ourselves in order, went to buy tickets for our way back, tried to change our Hrivnas (Ukrainian money) into Russian Rubli, but in Rostov it is possible. We were saved by my credit card, which allowed us to withdraw a bit of cash. When we returned to the hotel, Sasha had already gone to the rehearsal. And then the fight between our “I want” and “I can” began. I decided to go to a concert immediately when I saw Sasha, I knew that it would happen and was ready for this. Julia was determined to not go to the concert, because we have two more ahead. A ticket was expensive. We have a telephone call from Julia Bezbakh, and together we have convinced our Julia, that it’s almost impossible to miss the concert!! We bought the cheapest tickets (1200 rub) to the balcony. Imagine a four-level house. So balcony – this is the fourth floor, and Sasha is on the playground near the entrance))) We’ve tried to go lower levels, but ushers wasn’t so kind us, they were probably afraid of losing their job. But we slip into the amphitheater;) This is the second floor)))) But it still is too high. I saw the empty seats in the stalls and went to try my luck. Julia refused to go with me, she didn’t want to…. for some reason. At the entrance to the stalls I saw granny usher and young guy, who very argued convincingly that it’s prohibited for me to come in. At the other doors I met also very energetic guy, but at the time of our conversation one of Alex’s organizers appeared and this usher said, “That’s Alexey – he doesn’t let you in!”. But suddenly this Alexey said: “Let the girl come in, I saw her at the airport”. So my luck was very strong that day!:). I’m on the front row, Torfinn is in front of me! I went into the hall with the first sounds of the violin, and Sasha went out. Oh, when Torfinn saw me, he broke into a smile:)) Sasha saw that and nodded to Torfinn and smiled too. And from that moment he didn’t look at me at all, but Torfinn did;) and he was smiling almost the entire concert:) I was so happy, was dancing and clapping like a fool!!

A standard procedure of autograph signing held after the concert, but we decided to not wait, and went to the hotel. The restaurant was covered with two large tables, for Sasha’s team and for Tsiskaridze (famous Russian classic dancer, he performed at another Rosvov’s theater this day). We sat at a table, ordered some salad. Sasha Almost came just after us. They sat behind us and behind a column, so they were not very well seen.

The next day the checking out was at 12 p.m. We were with our bags in the lobby. All Sasha’s team came quietly and sat and waited for the departure, Sasha came the last. We watched him for long. We could come to him a hundred times, make 1000 pics and take 1000000 autographs, but we decided to not do it at once. We sat calm and then we realized that he is going away and that means that our adventure came to the end. I decided we need at least one or two photo with Alex for the memory (sorry I could not resist myself:). We took pictures with him. He wished us a nice trip. We thanked him. We embraced and he left us and went to his luggage. When he came out again, dressed up and with suitcases, we didn’t come to him – simply waved to him from afar. We also did not go to airport, Sasha said that it’s enough to say goodbye in a hotel)))) So, that’s all. Sasha left. We walked around Rostov, and at 7 p.m. we got a bus and returned to our hometown.

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