6 thoughts on “Alex in Russian TV-program “Super New Russians”, Oct. 2009 (Engl. subs)”

  1. (Hmmm -- can somebody tell me if these videos are run in another program than others? I can just see a little square in upper left corner -- and no video… )

  2. wow tks for this it was very nice to see where the fiddler came from. Keep up the good work for everything!!

  3. Great interview, thanks a lot for the translation!
    I hope he won’t get problems with the translated song!!!

  4. Alex’s love everywhere! Whatever he was, and from where comes =) Probably regret Belarusians, that a fisherman’s family had to leave their country

  5. WONDERFUL…these new and much better subtitles, makes the whole program a much more warm and interesting experience…
    Thank you so much Julia..

    I really love the parts where he looks at Minsk and gets touched..

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