6 thoughts on “Alex gives interview VGTV before the preview of “Dragon Trainer”, March 20th, 2010 – NOW with Eng. and Rus. subs!!!”

  1. The Movie is wonderful! but my nephew was frightened by the dragon at the end so we had to step out of the theater for a little while 🙁 I guess it was a little too real for him lol! (hes only 5)

  2. I am so glad that the norwegian press still seems to respect Alex in spite of all that has happened the last month. They seem to have a concern for him, and has not turned against him. I think his openess, but also “tilgjengelighet” (being there for them) is paying of. This reporter is warm and respecfull and I am so glad. Alex deserves that, because he has always tried to meet them with respect. If you ever read this, Alex: Keep up your theory of being nice to people and it will pay of.

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