Advent Calendar 2015 – Alexander Rybak

The Advent Calendar 2015


For a long time now, we have had a wish to gather together all the songs Alexander has ever performed, composed or taken part in. We are talking about a lot of songs, so this is a huge job.

So we need your help 🙂

Each day from now and till Christmas Eve we will gather songs with a title starting with a specific letter. Some days more letters, and in between we also will have some other surprises.

Each day we will post a video with a title starting with a specific letter and ask you for help to find other songs related to Alexander starting with the same letter. And if you find videos of those songs, we would also appreciate a video link 🙂

Just post the title and video link in a comment below the daily calendar post on the fansite or below our post on Facebook. It doesn’t have to be done the exact day. If you remember a song on a letter that was some days ago, just post your info under the day belonging to that letter. There is no deadline 🙂

So, what we need is the titles of songs that Alexander has composed, performed, released, covered, featured, or in any way taken part. Songs and videos made about him don’t count though 🙂

With title we mean the song’s original title. So for the Norwegian song “Venner”, the title is “Venner”, not “Friends”.

For Russian songs we will have to use the title in Latin letters, so they find their place in the alphabet.

So what do you say? Wanna help out?

The calendar below has no clickable windows. It’s just an illustration.

Advendt calendar 2015 Alexander Rybak

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