A small article about Alexander Rybak in Alanya, Turkey

Link to original article: http://www.sondakika.com/haber-alexander-rybak-rakiyi-sevdi-2733790/

Found by Ronja Laupitaja

Translation by Alev Can

Alexander Rybak liked the Raki


Written by Doğan Haber Ajans

Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak, drank Raki in Alanya for the first time and he said he liked it.


Belarussian and norwegian artist Alexander Rybak who won the 2009 Eurovision song contest with his song Fairytale in Russia, came to Alanya to give a concert at the celebration of the Norwegian National day. He had dinner at Natalie Restuarant in Oba with his manager. Norwegian customers showed so much interst to him. They took pictres with Rybak and signed the concert posters. Rybak and manager of Natalie Restuarant, Vali Arslan alias ‘Pilot’ drank Raki at dinner. Rybak mentioned that it’s the first time he tast it – ” it’s a drink with a little bit strong tasted, but I like it very much”.


Alexander Rybak gave a concert in Club Biestro Bellman for Norwegian National day Celebration.

5 thoughts on “A small article about Alexander Rybak in Alanya, Turkey”

  1. raki is like (greek) ouzo or raki from crete… quite strong smell and taste but it definitely reminds of mediterranean flavors, smells, feelings… whoever tries it will feel it…

  2. Unbelievable!! :))) hahahahaha!!! ı really lıked all his pics. and that s great that he love rakı 🙂 (Y) did he back or is he still in Alanya ?? 🙂

  3. He thinks that Raki is strong, because he was not drinking real Hungarian Kisüsti pálinka, well then this is brutal!

  4. hehehe Alex dont thrink to much of itt

    Its Like Beer,,,,,, if you take wone sip of raki youre out in a minitt

    and pleasse post this foto on the walll of alexx supper cool foto

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