A secretive Alexander says he is ready for a change

A summary of an interview in the local news paper in Nesodden – AMTA, published 26.7.20 and in addition some info found on several accounts on Instagram.

In a short interview with the local news paper Amta in Nesodden Alexander, who by now lives at Aker Brygge, reveals that he has some certain plans and that there may be some changes this autumn. What these changes are he won’t tell yet, but in first instance this means he will spend more time in Nesodden for a while.

” It is not certain that I will be living in Oslo from this autumn to put it that way, Alexander says.

A summary video – The funniest thing I have done in a long time.

What the 34-year-old is most interested in at the moment is his upcoming video. The video will be a celebration for becoming himself again.

In the song “Magic”, he pays tribute to Martine Røsten Aune, a blogger who saved him from a relapse into pill abuse in May. Thanks to Aune, he was able to continue the rehabilitation in the right direction.

I have had a lot of fun working with it. This is the funniest thing I’ve done in a long time, now I feel like myself again. The video will be launched this week, but not before we are one hundred percent satisfied. So far we have had seven recording days at 40 different locations, he says.

Some shorts glimpses of the upcoming music video

Alexander says he is inspired by Pharrell Williams’ music video “Happy”, where all kinds of people dance. 20 people take part in his video. Some of them are close people from his career, like Elisabeth Andreassen, Dennis Storhøi, Ingeborg Walther (played Alva in his Trolle Musical) and many more. And as we have seen from pictures on Instagram, his three violinists Maria, Olga and Kathrine may also appear in the video.

Several have said that the video brings to mind Michael Jackson. It’s funny, but it’s really inspired by the English band Jamiroquai that Thomas Stangehelle introduced me to. We used to listen to them while driving the car.

From the shooting of the music video. Pictures from Intsagram/FB – Dennis Storhøi, LeneKokai, Maria Slyngstad/Olga Kieva, Ingeborg Walther

From the practicing of the dance steps

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