Alexander Rybak: I hope to have a nourishing meal in Lithuania!

Article published on, 26.03.2012
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Author: Gintarė Alasauskytė
Found by Zhanna Sergueeva
English translation by Jolanta Esu, English revision by Anni Jowett.

In two weeks, returning again to Lithuania and agreeing to perform together with the LNK project “Lithuanian Voice” participants, the charismatic Alexander Rybak says, that he remembers Lithuania and its people perfectly. This time he hopes that he will have more free time to visit the local sights and finally eat a nourishing meal….

“It has long been no secret that after I won the Eurovision Song Contest, my life changed substantially. I’m travelling a crazy amount, I have a lot concerts and I have no time for myself, but I tried very hard, and finally I managed to see the positive sides of this pace of life – I found a soul mate. My relationship with her is ideal, because .. we rarely see each other. When I come home and we meet, we are just too attracted to one another, to be looking for something to get angry about. So we keep good relations”,- the performer known not only in Europe revealed to Delfi over the phone the secret of a happy relationship.

The singer admits that when he travels abroad, he tries not to be closed in by four walls: “When I travel to the country I am trying to spend less time at the concert hall, but spend more time observing people and cities. In fact, recently I am eating rather poorly, so remembering the Lithuanian hospitality, I hope to be well fed”,- warmly laughs A. Rybak.

In an exclusive interview to DELFI the 2009 Eurovision winner says: He is most homesick for peace and quiet and now prefers concerts in the cosy clubs of the smaller cities, because there he feels a performer can talk face to face with the audience. However, he says he will never forget such an important event as “Eurovision”, which changed his life. Therefore the performer annually monitors the contest: who is involved, what has changed for the good or the bad. And, of course, to keep an eye on the new talents.

“I think, there needs to be more competitions such as the “Voice of Lithuania” – how else can other young talents demonstrate their capabilities? Moreover, without prior jury’s prejudices, but by only listening to the performance. It is like when I was in “Eurovision”, and again, I would have been happy doing my song without the dancers, but the stage needed the spectacle. I do not need a spectacle, I want to hear the person singing, his voice is more important. Therefore, in the “Voice of Lithuania” I will participate with great pleasure and I have no doubt that I will be of some use. Of course, as I said, I am looking forward to the delicious and hearty hospitality – look how thin I am!”- jokingly he concludes the conversation and A. Rybak invites you to join him in the final “Voice of Lithuania” during Easter.

Alexander Rybak - Lithuania 2012

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