A report from a meeting with Alexander Rybak August 21st, 2010. By Sabine Fundel

I’ve planned to go to the concert nearby Arendal at the 20th of August.
It should have happened with Alex, Maria Haukaas Storeng and Didrik Solli Tangen.
I started to organize around six weeks before the concert. Two weeks before the event it was cancelled, but for the journey everything was fixed. So I decided to fly to Norway (I’m from Germany, neaby Munich, by the way).
I stayed with the help of “couchsurfing” with a really very nice little family (a woman and her 13 year old son) in Arendal. Also, two Polish girls stayed there, too. She showed us the Island near Arendal and later on in the afternoon we were in the city. At around 17 o’clock, I heard very loud “Europe’s Skies”.
I thought, I was dreaming and was nearly running to this stage, that we passed before. Alex was standing at this stage and did soundcheck.
I’ve never seen him before live, only on youtube and facebook. I figured out there was a tv show that started at 20 o’clock. I enjoyed it. After a while of this show I thought behind the stage was a way and chose to try it. And in fact, there was the backstage area. I met Alex and was talking to him. I told him my story of the cancelled concert and that I heard him in the city. He wasn’t in a really good mood but was still polite. He was listening to me, asked me for my name and where I come from.
On the end he said: “See you in Germany”. Now I hope he really will come to Germany, hopefully to Munich.
By this link, you can see the TV-recordings of the show “Sommerspillet”, that Sabine watched, live, in Arendal.

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