A report about the concert in Oslo and the FaceBookies meeting, Oct. 10th 2009

( A report by Jitka Holanová , Czech Republic)

There is one thing with AR concerts…and that is, that only one is not enough….I hoped so much, that I will calm after seeing him live..but I was very wrong, sigh..after return from Norway I became to be blue…no other concerts, everything already happened..it was nice, but it is gone…

After some time i tried to arrange visitation of Some sunny night in Lillesand, but it was very difficult..and then I noticed, that ladies of NB-thread will be in Oslo 10.10…idea of new journey was here..and then, suddenly, become to be true 🙂

We were very excited on our way to airport, laughing all the time and enjoying every second (including mobile pavement, which was moving much more slowly than people walking around, will be glad if somebody will explain me existence of this device :-D)…poor stewarde, showing us use of life saving vest , under attention of camera…poor Alena, who forgot her cigarettes in plane shortly after we all were asked to make sure that we didn’t forget personal things in plane..runing frantically from door to door being returned by the heartless equipement, seeing plane through the glass so close and so far at the same time..But we hapilly overcame all the pitfalls and finaly found Petra’s hostel room..

Our dear Petra, loyal member of Czech thread, who won tickets to Oslo concert, girl who was so indecisive all the time and suddenly was able to arrange this trip in one! amazing day :-)..I have to say, that it was very interesting experience to watch Petra’s face, when she realized, that her eyes see well three totaly strange guys in her room :o)…handsome and kind guys have to say..I was envy little bit leaving hostel ;-)…and I have to say, that AR have three new fans from Australia and South africa, well done Petra! 😀

Very pleasant to see Jannike again, nice feel to come back, spending only one weekend off, regardless the weather, which was very different from summer 😉

Amazing trip to Nesodden, surrounding by silver shining water illuminated by sharp cold sun..so beatiful and so cold..better to watch this beauty from the warm interior of the boat (or to risk the tears in the eyes ;-)..nice and pleasant to sit on the beach listening soothing sound of waves and enjoyed little fun with fishermen who catched the lobsters (very exotic to see it live :-D)

I am still amazed, what happening because of this little fiddler from Nesodden..so much nice people..so intersting characters..Does he know, that happiness he is able to gave in his songs force people to be better? Does he care, that they need to find each other to share feelings? That he makes people really happy? Packed into cute cover, trying to overdo himself in sex symbol, still have something more under the surface…something we are concerns about..Do you remeber, what he said once? That he tries ti give people what they want and more, he tries to give them what they didn’t know, they wanted..I have to say: I allways received more..

Meeting with all of you was so wonderful friends!! And I really hope, that it wasn’t the last time! So pleasant funny time in queue in front of Sentral scene, meeting old-new friends, singing, making pictures, admiring our book and poetry, little gifts and mainly sharing the happines of the concert we all are waiting for..Do you remeber that feeling? The moments, when human being knows perfectly, that everything is going exactly how it should go? Yes you do I guess, but we all deserve it! 🙂

Well I really received more, then I expected again..When The FLW started I said to myself: eeee the unpleasant part with touching of him will come, what I should do..I don’t want touch him..and I really didn’t touch him at the first time he was passing me..but I hate boredom and I knew suddenly, that I will regret, if will not touch him little bit..so I touched his shoulder…oh what a surprise! His white t-shirt was really wet…not only sweaty, but really really wet..and I become to be stunned: what a heavy physical work it is..it is just normal, that dancers are sweaty, everybody knows it..but this..I was amazed..the mystery of changing shirts is solved..

And then Do you think I´m sexy became…well, what to say…I didn’t want to touch him, but I had recent new experience and my curiosity was bigger..ok when he is so close and is leaning to us..is he allready wet again? Will touch him only with fingertips..oh..the world is still revolves, well, will it keep in revolve if I will touch him with my palm?

After a while I stroked him with my palms very slowly on the sides of his body from armpit down to his thigh feeling all muscles under his shirt…it became to be big adventure, need to study his anatomy..my palm stroked his back going slowly down to his well shaped soft butt..down the back of his long shaped thigh..wow, hard to stay on my legs…there is not much more parties of his body I wanted to touch before some months..but it is not all…

watching his stomach strait in front of my eyes, my hand moved there..wow, really like a well shaped rock…and he was still there…in my list still were missing his arms.. I ran my hand along his arm and then grabbed him by the hand…and he grabbed me..his palms and even fingers were really sweat…it threw me back to reality..

I never experienced so hard work to have sweat fingers..Believe me, that something like space energy does exist..my hands tingled, I felt something like stream energy and at that moment Alex jumped from barrier back to stage..I would never admit, that something like this would be the strongest experience of the concert…strange :-)..

The concert was just incredible, speed changing of the mood, goose skin changed the tears and laugh, we all discussed his songs many times and as experts will surely agree with me, that they are amazing and end of concert became very soon :-)..

Still in a trance I spent some time close the stage after a concert, recieved autographs from members of band ;-)..so glad, that I was part of it..and thought, that the last thing to be in heaven is to meet Torkjell…I whispered to Jana „I would like to meet Torkjell, but I can’t see him, sigh“…but Jana just said: „turn yourself“..and there he was!!! Kind and smiling as always, ready for talking :-)..my happines had no limits..;-)

And what happened then? It was so easy to stay in line for autographs, to take picture (my shyness left me and I just snuggled closer to Alex during making picture

;-)..I saw brave Irena who forwarded him the book from facebookies, I saw Alena, who tried to explain him, that drawing on cover is mine, without any reaction and remeber me asking him, if he remeber us from Kvemmadokkje (he doesn´t)…but suddenly, when we left him, he turned around starting to speak to me, his beautiful eyes were staring at me with pressing apologetic expression..believe me or not, he apologized..said something like, that he is sorry if he didn´t behave as we expected, but he really appreciate this book (pointed on it)..poor Alex, I wanted to hug him and reassure him, but I only smiled and nodded at him going away…

It was so easy to ask Kjell for meeting with us after all..and I was surprised as allways because of his kind pleasant behave you all had the chance to see…

So long story..and again no time for Jannike and our funny entertainment in 40 stories glass elevator or for beatifull night view from the hill to amazing Oslo fjord..no time for all you, who everyone are exceptional amazing people..Sorry :-)..Thank you all, that you were there and I could be part of this unforgettable event 🙂

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