A letter from South-Africa. Valdres Summersymphony Newsletter aug.19th 2010

If you don´t know,  Sityhilelo is 15-year-old boy from South-Africa, who got the chance, to travel to Norway and participate in Valdres Summersymphony, june 2010, because of a birthday-present to Alexander Rybak from his fans and friends. Read more in this link: http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/2010/06/26/welcome-sityhilelo-from-friends-and-fans-of-alexander-rybak/

A letter from South-Africa

We arrived safely on Wednesday the 6th and the trip back was great! I’m writing you this letter in remembrance of the great time I had in Norway, the people were warm, the food was great, the weather was wonderful and the 5 star service. I met new friends and I miss them already and we promised each other to meet again next year, hopefully! And my best friend Carl gave me a USB stick with all my favoured music in it and he also wrote a goodbye letter for me and got all the Woodwind players to sign it, that was very kind of him.

I learned a lot in the Valdres Sommersymfoni because the commitment those students have when we rehearsed in the orchestra and when they play their solo’s it’s inspiring and the standard of playing those children have is what we are not used to in South Africa, and I got an amazing masterclass from Frederick the clarinettist who was his idea to donate the clarinet to me.

I was so shocked I almost cried, it was so unexpected. I wish you guys a wonderful year and I hope to be back next year and thank you for the new clarinet it’s amazing. Thank you very much guys for the great times we shared together may this connection/relationship amongst us grow from strength to strength.

Best wishes to all

Yours Thankfully

Sityhilelo Gwenxanea

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  1. Such a nice letter! It really makes me happy to hear that his trip to Norway was a success. Music makes this world a better place..:)

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