A fan report from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Alfaz del Pi, pain 28.10.2017

I went to Alfàs del Pi (Alicante) to attend the Cultural Festival “Spanish-Norwegian Days”.

A fan report from Nats 나츠

Featured picture taken by “Din Reportasje”

Alexander Rybak was going to give a concert. At 20:10h he went on stage. Here are some videos of the recital. I hope you all enjoy this video.

For me, it was an unforgettable experience. Alexander is my favourite musician, he’s incredibly talented. I’ve been following his musical career for a long time and his music inspires me in so many ways. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend his concert, to meet him face to face, to talk to him, to take a picture together, to hug him… He signed my arm and I got a very special tattoo afterward. Now his name will be on my skin forever (written by him btw!). I still can’t believe it. He was such a nice person, very polite and friendly with all the fans, which never ceases to amaze me.

During the recital he sang “Abrázame”, “Roll with the wind”, “Fairytale” and “Jealous”. He played different melodies with his violin. And yes, he played “Song from a secret garden” which is my favourite song, especially when he plays it. Sorry I couldn’t record the full song, but I was in tears during that moment, so I had to stop the video. Also, he spoke in English, Norwegian and even Spanish (that was very cute) and he cracked a few jokes to cheer everyone up. Definitely, Saturday was a great day.

Go and check Alexander’s music out and furthermore, I recommend everyone to go to one of his concerts. You will enjoy it to the fullest, trust me. 


More videos from Alexander’s concert in Alfaz del Pi can be found here: 

Closed the Spanish-Norwegian Days with style – Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Alfaz del Pi, Spain, 28.10.2017

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