A Facebookies report from the concert in Harstad. Sept.2nd, 2010



by Sara Anja, Norway

I have already written so many bits and pieces several places about Yesterday and you have seen the vids, so you have already got most of my report. But I will try to write something, anyway. After the Tønsberg meeting, surrounded with facebookies, it felt a bit lonely to go to a concert all by myself, but I was really looking forward to it. All your good wishes were with me in my heart, and I was thinking about all my friends a lot. I didn’t know how the concert would be like, since it included an orchestra and other soloist as well. But I hoped for at least 4-5 Alex songs. I entered the concert hall, witch was filled with people of all ages.

My seat where in centre of first row, so close to stage I could not even stretch out my legs. So I had a really good view, but the filming got some strange angle. (with some nice details, though.). Next to me, was a girl who was slightly retarded. We talked before the concert and in the break for rearranging the stage before Alex came on. She was so sweet, funny, honest and enthusiastic, and she loved Alex so much and had brought a home made poster. She was cheering, applauding and singing. So I felt I had a “sister in spirit” next to me. The only disadvantage was that she was sometimes singing really LOUD and completely out of tune, so she disturbed my recordings a bit.

The first part of the concert with the orchestra and the 12-year old soloist where very nice, and helped my nerves to calm down. When Alex entered the stage, (In the white shirt, LOL) I was thinking the same as in the previous concerts: Wow, he is so thin!! And looks almost like an ordinary boy! But as soon he starts playing, he grows and owns the stage. His sparkling energy and joy is really breathtaking. When he started to play the classical pieces, I just had a big sigh and leaned back and enjoyed.

He was so gorgeous, serious playing, eyes closed and almost in his own world. *Sigh* After these two performances, he was properly introduced for the audience. Alex said that Harstad had such beautiful nature and the people here where so honest, nice and hospitable. So he wanted to move here. (I wouldn’t mind, of course).

The toastmaster asked a bit about his music and albums. Alex said much the same as in previous interviews, that he wanted to show different music genres. He said he really liked to play with the orchestra. He did a joke which is difficult to translate from Norwegian: “Forsvarets orkester spiller så forsvarlig”. Meaning: “The army orchestra plays so responsible”, but the translation misses the word joke. He is just like a little boy when he said jokes that made people laugh. He looked towards the band members with a big grin on his face, and they gave him “Thumbs up”. Then came the

“Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”

and I was completely kicked out within seconds. The moves, the energy, the voice, the kicks, the playing with the mic stand, the tongue work (Does he KNOWS that I love that?), and the worn out shirt with the loose buttons showed its benefits, showing the belly all the time. And he was so clooose to me and over me, I could feel the wind from the fluffy shirt and I could have just reached out my hand and touched him. This was really one of THE BEST performances I have seen live. Big *bonk*. (And the colour was black, I could read some letters on the rim and it was not BB. After that followed

“Europe Skies”

“Viva la Vida”

(The audience were standing up during this song, and I was closer than ever, almost drooling on stage)

“Roll with the wind”



He continued with those energetic moves, he was sparkling and the white shirt was doing it’s best to show as much belly as possible. I was totally lost and never ending *bonked*. I assure you, if I not had filmed these last songs, I would not have remembered what he performed. Only the moves and energy was filling my brain. After concert, it was time for signing line. Feeling a bit lost alone, but I had a mission to do and cookies (and another present) to deliver. I was also planning to ask some questions about Christmas album and other stuff. But as you all know by now….mission failed: I am not trustable around the fiddler, I get so dizzy and my brain does not work the normal way.

He noticed me in the line before it was my turn, smiled and said: There was a familiar face…….*bonk*. So when I got closer he just hugged me right away, I did not expect that and got into deep shock. I managed to tell my greetings from everyone and said you had told me to bring him food and gave him the cookies, and he smiled and sais YES and hugged me again, I thanked for the concert…woosh..another hug. When I was in Tønsberg, I asked him to sign my “hug picture” from Målselv. He did not remember me back then, but now he obviously remembered this, because he said: This is your third concert, right? (Actually, this was my 4th, but who cares) I was just ……….no words. He also said: You live here, don’t you? Me smiling: YES! I thanked him again for coming to my town and was about to leave, and he just grabbed me for a last hug. I was literally *bonking down the stairs* (quoting Vic).

I felt something was missing, though, and ….shit….I forgot to get a picture with us, I forgot the questions I wanted to ask, I forgot to smell him properly…. Still, I went to my car with a big grin on my face, looking forward to watch the videos and log on FB. I even had to send a message to Danka right away because I was so happy.

3 thoughts on “A Facebookies report from the concert in Harstad. Sept.2nd, 2010”

  1. I’am so happy for you Sara, that you had such a great concert and meeting with Alexander. Watching your great videos, it is like I was there aswell. Thank you so much for your nice report and great videos! 🙂

  2. Forsvarets -- forsvarlig. This is the word joke, right? Difficult to translate but we can guess. Thank you for a great report!

  3. So happy for you to have had this nice and special meeting after concert -- and thank you sooo much for the wonderful videos!

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