Fan report by Sabine Fundel meeting Alexander Rybak in Iceland 2010

Fan report by Sabine Fundel from her trip to Iceland to see Alexander Rybak perform in the Icelandic national ESC final and hopefully meet him.

Fan report by Sabine Fundel, Germany.

This is the story of my meeting with the fiddler:  I’ve been in Reykjavik from the 2nd to the 6th of Dec. The first concert was at the 4th of Dec. and I figured out,  that Alexander arrived 2 hours before the first show that started at 4 p. m. The show was with a lot of Icelandic artists, the most songs were in Icelandic languages. But there was also Paul Potts,  for instance,  who sang in English. Yohanna, Alex’ competitor at the Eurovision song contest 2009,  sang her song “Is it true”, a song with an Icelandic artist and a song with Alex (Baby, it´s cold outside). Alex perfomance was nearly in the end. He sang “Europe skie´s” with Yohanna, “Baby, it´s cold outside” and finally “Fairytale”.

He and the girls also played the violin at the final song,  when all the artists sang together. In the whole time ( 2nd – 6th of dec),  I hoped to meet the smurf. Everywhere I went to, I was looking for him, maybe he was hanging around somewhere. At the 5th at round 9:30 p. m. I hoped he was outside the hall while he was waiting for his performance. After the show I’ve seen, I was looking around the hall and I think I figured out, where the dressingrooms were. But when I came nearby the dressingrooms, I had to pass an Entrance and 3 Security guys were standing in the door. So I didn´t trust to pass the way. So I trusted, more or less, in destiny, because destiny helped me before,  to see his show and to meet him. I hoped maybe to see Alex in the flightbus but he wasn’t there. I arrived early in the morning (my bus picked me up at 5 a.m.) to the airport in Kevlavik, finished my “check-in” and checked-in my luggage. After that I waited downstairs (to get through the controlls you have to walk up the stairs) because my flight was at 8:10 and it was 6:30 a.m., so I thought it was to early. But I became impatient and went up the stairs .

I was waiting to get controlled in the queue and suddenly I recognized a blond girl with a violin suitcase. I looked at her twice and in fact it was Kathrine! Between us were maybe 7 to 10 people waiting. On her left was Maria and in front of her was Alexander. I was so tired that I wasn’t quite sure for a second. After that second my heart started to beat very fast and I kept on watching them (especially Alex). After the control, they went directly to the gate. When I was through, I checked the flight board to see where they might be going. The only possible flight was Oslo because I knew they flew back to Norway and Oslo was the only destination for Norway and there was around 40 minutes till the plane would take-off. I couldn’t resist to go there and to ask for a photo (because when we met the last time I didn’t have the chance to ask him for a photo). So I went there.

Alexander was so tired but when he saw, that I was looking at him he started to smile. That´s why I finally trusted to talk to him. Kathrine was there but I think she wasn’t in a good mood. I understand her, because it was so early in the morning and the show the night before, was over at around 11 p.m., so she might be tired. He was so nice and patient although he was so tired. Of course he couldn’t remember me. (by the way I also wrote a report of the first time we have met). I was so nervous and shaky and I forgot how my camera works and he was so nice and helped to handle it. I told him that I saw his show on Saturday and that I will come to his show at the 21st of Dec. in Oslo. He seemed to be happy about it (I guess he was happy). Finally I wished him a nice flight and told him to “sleep it off” and I left and went waiting for my flight.

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  1. Hi, I have to admit, that I didn´t check the comments so far :-)). Firstable: Thank you very much Julia :-))))) Yes, that story is true!! And because of the pic: Alex made it 😉 He is very talented in this :-)))) But thank you 🙂

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