A Birthday-present for Kjell Arild. Dec.1st. 2011 Part 2

This is part 2. Part 1 is here

Continued from Part 1

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


We are approaching 61,000.
So we would wish us that Alexander’s official Facebook page could also be updated and repaired a little.


Updating the list of events on the front and in the box, events .. (There are 8 events. They are all from June 2009. It seems a little ridicolous)  

Links: There should be links to Myspace and the official website of Alex.

Fans wall:
There was something wrong with it since October. You can not post
“live “links to his postings. If you do that, they disappear again.

Otherwise everything is good and spirits high. Yes, except that Alex scared the life out of us all by writing about his “big problem”, but now we assume that he had lost in Super Mario or had a sore hand from answering the 4000 letters.  

Have a nice weekend.
Many greetings from Denmark (and Facebook – people)

ANSWER FROM KJELL-ARILD. Received 07.29, 11.12.09

Hi Marianne

Have already sent an email to Facebook around some of these conditions, but they take a long time to reply. Today I will also ask for a transfer of the other group, which has around 90 000 members. Then, we will become really many. 

I will look at your other points too. Fully agree that Event calendar should be updated better, then we must find a good system for this. 

Mood is high yes, yesterday he met president Barack Obama and this evening he plays at The Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2009 (you might see on TV in Denmark).  

 Thank you for caring! 🙂

  Kjell Arild

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

It must be appropriate to bring a huge TAKK to Kjell on this thread, for becoming such an active administrator of this page again..We love you Kjell!!

 Marion Kubek

anyway it’s nice to have Kjell back on the wall… more active than ever…  

  ♥ Kjell, vi elsker deg!!!  

Marijke Arentsen

Tusen takk Kjell!

 Yannis Papadopoulos

Have you noticed a long period of absence of Kjell Arild? Or is it my idea?

Marion Kubek

Well… Kjell may have been absent for a while…
his last post on the wall was on the 18th of December..
But since it’s Christmas and since Kjell has a real job as well (and he’s a busy man as far as I understood).. it’s somehow understandable, isn’t it?!
anyway… it may be the right time now (at least these are the last hours in good old 2009) to say:
Kjell, we wish you a happy New Year, great success and health!!!!

Marion Kubek

.·´¯`·. KJELL .·´¯`·.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for posting the video that Irena and I have made!!!!

   ¸¸.•*¨*• TUSEN, TUSEN TAKK •*¨*•.¸¸

 Irena Bay

by Irena

*clearing throat*

  Santa baby, just slip the fiddler under the tree
’cause he
Is the cutiest of all –
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Santa baby, the one with irresistable eyes
So nice
Is his smile on the screen –
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Yes, the one who sang the song
At Eurovision! And, oh yes, he charmed us all!
On his Official Facebook site
We built a castle out of dreams and sweet delight!
(Pam pam pam pam!)

Santa baby, the Art Class has been chasing the guy!
Oh my, we can’t take it no more –
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa baby, a week of bubble baths in South France,
couldn’t do any harm –
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Think of all the fun he’s missed!
Think of all the ladies that he hasn’t kissed!
This year, he has worked so much
He’s really really ready for the female touch!
(Pam pam pam pam!)

Santa baby, the chocolate’s melting and the champagne,
in vain,
‘s getting warm in the tub –
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Santa baby, protection is important to us,
and thus,
the bonk-helmets are on –
We’re ready for you – hurry tonight!

Santa Baby, a smurf in silky boxers is not
a lot –
Don’t be greedy and mean!

Victoria CAn

☆☆☆☆☆☆ HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kjell. ☆☆☆☆☆☆

 *hugs and kisses Kjell until he falls off his chair*

 Irena Bay

Ladies and gents!

The muse of creativity came along and inspired! But not me – no she inspired, Marianne! To be precise, she got inspired by this here:

So, we are doing this fair, democratic, damn sure not serving our own interests competition, where we just pick you relying on the following criteria: whether we like you. If we don’t like you, well, that’s life! At least, the competition is fair and politically correct and does not discriminate people.

But don’t get too excited! I don’t know why yet, but just don’t, ok!

So, the competition:
Marianne and I will select from today 10:00 until Wednesday.
Cause we must like you, do whatever is needed so we like you. You can lie, you can give us presents, give us foot massages, rub our necks, you also can give us money or clean our pcs with q-tips … anyway what is needed to win!!
Two little things:
1. We are not that strikt on the term “girls” – so it can be boys, doctors or Yannis, as well.
2. The whole weekend will be broadcasted by FaceBookie’s Brother TV 24/7 on the internet! We need money and are going to make a mini Reality TV show out of it! Yanis and Zhenya Russian are already on Nesodden in Kjell’s house installing the 55 cameras. (Funny thing, since I mentioned that a camera will also be in the shower, the fiddler called Kjell (and I know this, for sure, cause we know Kjell, remember!) and said that he would like to drop by for a day in the Fan Camp, say hi to the winners and spend time getting to know them by making tacos for them and playing video games.
Ok, first contestant – please come in!!
Tanya Levina
I would like to participate! Can I? Do you like me? 😀
 Marion Kubek


Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!!! Remember Irena (and Marianne) I gave you Mozartkugeln (the original expensive ones exclusively from Austria)…

Will the winners have to spend their own money to get there? And what if a girl (or boy or troll or fiddler) is picked and can’t effort the trip?!

 Tanya Levina

Oh, perhaps I had to say, that you are divine and gorgeous too…. Damn (or faen or perkele) I missed my chance… Damn!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Hmm…I am more concerned, with the fact, that you look pretty good yourself…A little too good, I am afraid…
But you can swear…I must say…Perkele…thats a good one…
Well, you are still in the competition Tanya. But don´t look so good!

Tanya Levina

OMG!!! Thank you, thank you dear and kindest Marianne!!!
Of course, I will try to take into account your feedback, and today I’ll start working on that! (i am starting to eat tons of chocolate, I forget to wash my hair, Make-up – what is it?…and i will do anything else with that problem, i promise!)

Irena Bay

*scribbling down*

… Marion knows how to suck up properly and has good sight: she noticed my bonkasciousness

  … Melanie asks too many questions!! Too many! We just KNOW, ok???? But on the other hand, she can knit unwearable, funny socks which not everyone can do! That’s a plus! And she is very smurfish: changes her opinion according to the flow of life – very good! But so many questions! Tsk tsk!

Tanya Levina

So…i should be more ugly, swearing and self-confident?! (everybody will love me in that way ahhahah :D)

Marion Kubek

have I mentioned yet that I can play three different instruments?! I could entertain you!! mhmm…  

And you know.. I didn’t want to mention this actually because it should have been a suprise.. BUT.. I wrote a book for you Irena and Marianne!!!

Oh hey… who put this money here? Have you lost it?! Noooo.. it doesn’t belong to me..

Laila Solum Hansen

(sorry I posted this in wrong thread first – but I’ll do it again here – so now my bribing has double worth! heheh.)

@Irena and Marianne: PLEASE I want to come to that fan-weekend with Kjell!

– I think I should be first in line: AGE before BEAUTY!
– I am VERY good at knitting – socks, hats, scarfs, sweaters,dolls – could make some money for a concert if we needed some…
– I am not multiciturell, but have moved a lot and seen most of Norway (- even been to Nesodden where my uncle and aunt lives – not far from Kjell actually…)
– I can play the guitar (or the piano) when Irena sings for us (Yes, you have to! Pleeeease! You’re the best!!! ILYCTMC!) (… or I can promise NOT to play.)
– I have always loved fudge
– I don’t know any video games (won’t take up the place around the tv for anyone – see, I am that humble…)
– I have always hoped to be on TV
– I can give you both a relaxing top-to-toe massage (and Kjell and his neighbour, too!)(especially the neighbour…) .. (hmmm – I think I need to practise a little with the neighbour before I do it to you and Kjell, just to be sure I will do it right, ok?)
– I can polish Marianne’s Viking Sword (which she will need to keep out all the 14-20’s that have heard about this weekend with Kjell and are infiltrating and spying on us, asking difficult questions, and telling their mums!)
– I’d rather kiss than tell
– I like food

 Irena Bay

*scribbling notes*

… ooh, Laila is clever: she wants me to sing and can accompany me! A very smart move of hers! And she loves fudge and is not afraid to say so! Good .. good.

Victoria CAn

Hey Irena and Marianne!!! WOW, you guys look gorgeous today! OMG!  

Ok, let’s get back to business… I would like to apply to this Freaking Crazy weekend with Al…oh… pardon me ..with Kjell. I have to be on that list no matter what! OK??? You better put me on the fudging list otherwise ..I will make a big fuss….I am the only one from overseas and I have priority…Comprendre!! *Irena and Marianne are trembling with fear and put Victoria on the list right away* Good girls! Now we are talking!

Sara Anja

I really want to participate in this competition about the weekend with Kjell.
Irena and Marianne, you are the most decent and charming ladies I have ever met!
I agree with Laila SH, “age before beauty”. I mean, what could possibly a 16-year-old talk to Kjell about??

Multicultural background? I am sure I can find Swedish, Finnish, Russian and sami blood in my veins.

Marianne, I can adopt your family a couple of months. Then you have lots of time for more important things.

Andrea St John

Ooops, should have posted here

Ohhh, pick me pleeeeeeeease
1) I’m from the Uk, he doesn’t have many fans here, and it’s the best I can hope for, seeing as he wont “COME TO MY COUTRY”
2)To afford my trip I can sell cookies to raise the money
3-and most importantly) I may be 17 but hey, nobody older will have anything interesting to talk to him about!

  4-and most importantly)-I may look like a 17 year old but I’m actually 37. Me and Kjell would have loads to talk about……honest

Grete Strub

@Irena I think you should choose me I am Norwegian and Swiss and lived for 15 years in Sweden and I have a house on the see excellent for the Fan Weekend. So I think I cover everithing

Alev Can

i want to go to Kjell(neighbour’s son) fan meeting too
– i promise you while you are busy with Kjell, i will be busy with neighbour’s son and won’t bother you
– i can stay with neighbour’s son, (again) to not bother you
or i can be ready there to help for possible technical problem(with 50 cameras)
or i can cook,wash your clothes
or i can take your pictures
or i can join there as reporter of “THE RYBAK’S FACEBOOKIES TIMES” 🙂
pleaseee take me with youu!!! 🙂
  (Kjell Arilds neighbors son)

Marion Delafoy-Martin

Well: black or beige, 40, France… and Marianne and Irena are georgous because they are clever and funny, and that’s all folks :-))

… Kjell, i’m coooooming!!!!!!!

  … good night, ladies 😀

Marion Kubek

Okay.. I already sold my appartment to be able to join this weekend… so I HAVE TO JOIN (and I hope Kjell & his wife or maybe their neighbours will adopt me afterwards.. because.. yeah.. well.. sold appartment, remember?!)

to answer your questions: Austria (with Polish ancestors); 22; whatever you like best

And why I should be picked?! There are several things I could do.. I’m some kind of ALL-IN-ONE-SUPER-HERO… since I’ve been in a vocational school I can cook, serve the tabe and I could do some accounting…

AND since I’ve also been in a nursing school for a while I could also take care of injuries and so on.. I could play on three different instruments (if necessary at the same time).. I could swear in seven different languages… aaaand I could be the one who films/cuts all the stuff that is recorded with the cams (since I’ve also had a very successful career as movie director)…

by day I’m a pirate and by night become a superhero..  

And Irena and Marianne are gorgeous because… hmm… I think the only word to describe them is simply…. *BOOOOOOONK*

Jan Paulsen

While you are there at Kjell’s, could you kindly try to find out if the neighbours finally gave in to their son’s begging and really adopted a full blue grass band as the Rumour thread once claimed?

But do not show of your skill in swearing in 7 different languages at the moment you knock on Kjell’s neighbour’s door. Always better to let your talents be gradually and subtely understood by such gifted and cultured people.

Irena Bay

Marion is “in” cause she is super in everything! Sucking up to us including!  

Congrats, Marion!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Yesterday night, I wrote to Kjell and asked for his help, because we were fighting with evil spammers…I am not going to tell about it, but it was BAD.

30 minutes later, Kjell replied to my mail and asked who they were, so he could get them blocked from the page.

Kjell, you haven´t allways been easy to get in contact with , but this time, you sure was KJELL THE MAN!!

Irena Bay

*thumbs up*

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

KJELL, MY MAN!!! How long are you going to play hard-to-get???

And taste the local beer!!

Marion Kubek

Of course the FaceBookies would invite you, Kjell, for a beer or two (wouldn’t we?! I mean we already payed the lunch for a millionaire and his tour manager so we’re kinda used to this)!!!

ANYWAY… PRAGUE is waiting for you, KJELL!!!! =)))

Danka Čolláková

Mariooon !!!! I spilled my coffee once again … I should avoid drinking coffee while reading this site, probably :-DDD

Come to Prague, let´s have a beer together … or two … or three … etc.

 Mel Bluebell

Kjell!! Our man of the day! Come for Prague and have a Czech beer!

Lubka Kolesova

Kjell thank you for your work and as Facebookies say come to Prague!!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

On friday the 19th of feb, the day after the alarming posting of Alex on his wall, I wrote an e-mail to Kjell-Arild. He replied very fast and he asked me to tell my friends. Here is our correspondance.

Dear Kjell!

Alex´posting scared all his fans, but some of us, got really hurt. First, I got scared, then I felt guilty, for writing mails to you, and then, I got a bit MAD! 
This message was addressed to ” facebookies” and we don´t know, if he means all facebook-fans or           ” The Facebookies “, who are, kind of ” my buddies”. So cryptic, this can make ALL of us feel, like demanding bastards.—————————————-
From: Kjell Arild Tiltnes
Sent: 19. februar 2010 11:38
To: Marianne Saietz
Subject: SV: Banging on the Facebook-wall
 Hi, Marianne
Alexander’s message was certainly NOT to you! Believe me!
This is probably a cryptic message to some powerfull people in the Norwegian music and entertainment industry! I think he wrote the message on Facebook to give expression to his huge anger.
I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening! Can tell your friends?
And, please continue to send me messages. They are a great help!
 Kjell Arild
 Thank you Kjell.  

 You are probably right about the hidden message for “ the big guys” in the music industry. But his fans know nothing about all this.

I will tell my friends about your nice message. They need to hear it.
We hope, he gets better and we are SO MUCH looking forward to our meeting and concert in Prague.

  ( Kjempefint  )

 Terence Corkery

Hi Guys, I know that Alex was NOT criticizing all his fans, and I am sure he really appreciates eveything you do for him, especially you Marianne and your team.

Just my opinion, but I feel that he is tired, and a bit overwhelmed by this past year. It is not easy trying to be all things to all people, and afterall he is a 23 year old guy, who has gone from being like us to a celibrity overnight. I am sure his Manager and handlers are throwing new things at him everyday, and right now a REST is what he needs. Also, who has NEVER spoken out of turn especially when frustrated?
Please give him our support now more than ever! THANKS Marianne for keeping us in the know.

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Hi Terence. What a very pleasant surprise, to suddenly meet a new, wise and friendly human being here. To be honest, I am getting used to the opposite.

A girl has written me today, asking questions, sounding friendly and suddenly, she began accusing ” the facebookies” of jumping at Alex on his concerts, “sneaking” backstage to spy, demanding him to meet us in private .I managed to convince her, that Alex did not mean ” the facebookies” but just meant everybody. But we will hear more of this.Sorry..that was off-topic. I think, Alex is just having his ups and downs and being and artist with high ambitions and a lot of emotions…he goes into the black, sometimes.
But this time, he made me really mad! Bless him!

Marion Kubek

Thank you for sending this mail to Kjell!!! It explains very well and clearly what is happening here!!

Today… after this weird message by our smurf is already two days old.. I think he is really fighting against the BIG GUYS… and the message was rather addressing them and not his loyal fans!!
AND I’m sure that he was aware of what he was writing and that this could end up in the press!! (He, for sure, thought about it when he wrote “big guys” and didn’t say any names which could have caused even more problems for him!)

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


Thank you, for allways posting a message on the right time and the right place…You are SO important for us..We all think of you, as the nice and caring guardian angel of our fiddler..

I am just grateful, you are here..

Marion Kubek

Marianne is absolutely right!!!

WE are sooo GRATEFUL for you to be here on this page!! We all appreciate your posts on Alex or your, or our walls!!
YOU actually deserve a prize for this!!! 😀
Many hugs to you, KJELL-ARILD!!! *SMASK*

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

How about writing a book about Kjell-Arild???

Marion Kubek

A book about Kjell?!?! I’m IN!!!!
Haven’t we already started one?!?! Somewhere here *reading back pages*

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Well he is in the first chapter of the BOOK, but I regret a bit, portraying him as an old hobbit!!! It was before I met him or saw his picture..

Maybe he is a little elf??

Magda Szykor

I think he is some kind of wizard… all this good stuff he does for us… it must be magic…

Alev Can


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Very famous quotes from litterature:
TO BE OR NOT TO BE…..THAT IS THE SMURF. ( more Shakespeare ).
I HAVE A SMURF…( Martin Luther King )
ICH BIN EIN SMURF ( J.F. Kennedy )


Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


If you travel far out, into space
among stardust and cosmical haze
There´s a beautiful sound
Planet Rybak, you´ve found
Where the fiddler spreads life, as he plays.

Irena Bay

Meditations on spamming.

Spamming the fiddler’s wall
is like a smoking bag of dog poo
burning in the eyes of all
– don’t they know what they do?

Spamming the fiddler’s wall
is a great strategy to scary him away
So bravo, my friends with no brains, but balls
– the success is yours today!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


I watch Planet Rybak. The baby has grown!
More nations and people, who call it their home!
It makes me so proud, but like all mothers do,
I feel love and pride, mixed with some worries too.
I hope, that the planet will stay safe and sound
I wish, it will stay green and friendly and round.
And if it gets cold or gets hit by a storm,
I wish, all the facebookies, will keep it warm.

Irena Bay
Smorsk version of “Europe Skies” – written on the occasion of Marianne’s birthday

“Europesk Skies”

Na jeg homesk, but jeg cannot staysk
Jeg träum pa du every dag
Vil wisse every centimetr of du
Du vill makesk my träum komme true?

Er ikke a place like hus they snakker
Du er meg hus, so hore meg praykker

Jeg ikke wisse du, but jeg vil more time
Snakker into my earsk that you’ll be mine
Flying thingisk are flying over Europesk skies
Snakker meg please why can’t I?
(Tusen takk pa answering! instead of “aaaaaaaaaaah!”)

Times alterisk, but so have jeg
I peakist my vida through your eyesk
Jeg walkest in tourist’s shoesk
But jeg ikke kissesk andre Europesk damesk, jeg promisk!
(At least, jeg vil try 😉 Hey did you see me? – Give me a break, Schnecke!)

Er ikke a place like hus they snakker
Du er meg hus, sa jeg tinke, jeg must marry you now *sigh* damn!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

 16. august 2009 kl. 00:40

If anyone told me, just 6 months ago
I would spend so much time on these pages
I would surely had told them, they made a mistake,
but the Fever, I got was contageous

Having fever for 3 months and no cure in sight!
Now, it feels like a chronic condition
Feeling just a bit hotter and dreaming a lot
No one knows, and they have no suspicion.

In this virtual building of thoughts, love and fun
I have had the best laughs and discussions
I´ve had good times and sad times and argued with some
But I´ve stayed here, without interruptions.

When my daily life sometimes collides with this one
I have, so far, been making right choices.
But whenever, theres time and my duties are done
I´ll be here, in this song without voices.

Anglesina Est

No milk today for our morning cornflakes,
mommy’s been away, on fiddlers FB page.
No milk today, no shopping has been made,
hours passing by, don’t know when she’ll arrive.
No milk today for our morning cafe au lait,
and fridge seems empty, too, no dinner will be cooked.

And all that’s left is a sink full of dishes,
uncleaned house and a mess of dirty clothes.
‘Cause mommy tends now to read his page only
Just till up to dawn.
No milk today, it seems a common sight,
it doesn’t bother us, guess who’s the reason why. 😛

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


As the tuna goes fishing all day
Kjell will work everwhere, all the way
He will keep us updated
On all fiddler-related
Wanting more, is the way, that we pay:-)

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


We miss the smurfs manager, Kjell!
He´s postings are charming and swell!
We see him too little
And the guy with the fiddle
But some day, they´ll kiss us and tell!

Anglesina Est

That Kjell-guy is making us desperate 😉

Kjell, Kjell,
are you well?
We are missing the news
like a hell!
We’ll ring the bell,
until you tell
what you’ve got to sell!

Yannis Papadopoulos

*Yannis reappears in this thread after ages with his own contribution to this new genre of poetry: the Kjell-erick*

Kjell, Kjell, come out of your shell.
We think you have said us “farewell”

And I can’t write you poems to ring the bell,
because I can’t find Greek words rhyming to –ell

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Happy “Loffen” dear Smurf, run along!
Wish you sunshine and peace, while you´re gone!
We love all informations
But it´s time for vaccation
And the nature, is where Smurfs belong!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


Suddenly she´s famous and her in-box will explode.
She´s got a thousand friends and questions

and she can´t just hit the road.
Cause now, she is the admin and Yannis and me are gone!

6 weeks of nice vaccation, Bye Alev, have good fun!!
And I dont know for sure, where we are going, still I ask for more and more…tralalalalala

…JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz


I used to be in search for trouble
Used to be in search for fighting
But now, you made me, page-caretaker
You have changed a danish Viking!

Kjell-Arild, Don´t take away my sword, forever!!
Kjell-Arild, Don´t take away my sword, forever!!

( Tamtamtamtamtamdadadadadatamtam)

I used to hunt for crooks and spammers,
Used to wear my sword with such pride
Now, my tools are nails and hammers
Hanging posters on walls, is my right

I answer questions, smile and help
Sometimes, I just feel, I´m not myself!!

Kjell-Arild, don´t take away my sword, forever!!
Kjell-Arild, don´t take away my sword, forever!!

( Tamtamtamtamtamdadadadadatamtam)

I know, this can not last forever
A viking can not change her habits
Someday, I´m gonna blow my cover
Make everybody run like rabbits
So if you want me, only nice
Maybe, you should think, about it, twice!!

Kjell-Arild, don´t take away my sword, forever!!
Kjell-Arild, don´t take away my sword, forever!!

Petra St

Facebookies` husbands?!

Watch out something is sure going on,
our brave husbands met, started to talk,
about politics, maths,
about fiddlerettes`legs –
reign at facebookies`husbands.org

Years ahead…

When the fiddler grows old and loses hair
there`ll be nothing to drool `bout, just play,
fiddlerettes still be blooming
while our men`ll keep on zooming –
meanwhile we kick their legs under chairs.

Susanne Berlin

Every morning…first thing I do is opening my laptop and looking for new tour dates…so this is really written from the bottom of my heart….:)

Mr Kjelman look and see (o yeah)
If there’s a concert a concert for me?
I ve been waiting such a long long time
since the fiddler came to town of mine.

There must be some mail today from my country so far away
please Mr Kjelman look and see if there’s a concert a concert for me.
I’ve been sitting here waiting Mr Kjelman so patiently
For a posting or just a comment saying he’s playing here for me.

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

Ancient poem,
3. august 2009 kl. 00:59


In Denmark, I sit all alone
It rains and my garden has grown
My heart is in Norway
But I´m stuck in the doorway
It´s far, and I´m no Rolling Stone.

There is only one cure for my need
I open my Facebook and read
Its a party of friends
full of humour and sense
And soon, I feel up on the beat

                                             (It will never be ) THE END 


Kjell Arild received his birthday-present ( This book ) at Alexanders Christmas-Concert in Drammen Church on Dec.3rd. Laila Solum Hansen was the present-presenter and Tessa Lande recorded the seance. Thanks a lot girls:-)


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